How To Disable Optimum WiFi Hotspot: Is It Possible?

how to disable optimum wifi hotspot
how to disable optimum wifi hotspot

If you are interested in having a stable internet connection at your home. Then you will notice that there are numerous ISPs that you can choose between. Each of these has its features and services that you can access. Additionally, the packages provided by them will determine what the speed of your network is.

This is why it is recommended that you got through all the packages before settling on one. If you are confused about these then you can either contact the support team or check forums to guide you. Aside from this, when it comes to being the best company. Altice is among the top choices. The brand provides its users with numerous features and is one of the best if not the best ISPs.

Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot feature is one of the most popular services that the company provides its users with. The way this works is that hotspot will be activated on your router as soon as you set it up with your internet connection. Considering this, people all around the state that are using Altice or Optimum will have hotspot enabled on their devices.

You can then log in to any of these hotspot connections through your Optimum account. The process is quite simple and will give you access to a connection no matter where you are. The user can even search for hotspots around them through the application provided by Optimum.

How to Disable Optimum WiFi Hotspot?

Usually, having an Optimum Wi-Fi hotspot will not limit your bandwidth or provide you with any problems. However, some users still question if they can disable the service or not. The shot answer for this is ‘no’. There is no possible method for people to disable Hotspot on their router provided by Optimum.

Even if you contact the support team for them, there is no way that the service will be disabled. Considering this, if you still want the hotspot to be removed from your router. Then the only option that you should have available is that you send your current router back to the companyy.

You can then purchase a new one and set it up with your Altice connection. However, keep in mind that before you can start using third-party hotspots on your connection.

Then the user has to get the feature enabled from the backend. You can contact the support team to do this for you. After which you can start setting up your new router with the Optimum modem. Configure all the settings carefully to ensure there are no problems with it. Additionally, purchase a good quality router with new features will also help you out.

The modem from Optimum also has support for 5 GHz frequency channels. This is why using a dual-band router will help you get better speeds on your connection. If you are having any trouble with the configuration then consult the manual that comes with your router. Going through this should help you establish a connection so that you can start using your new router. Additionally, the hotspot service will also be disabled on this.

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