Xfinity Router WPS Button (Explained)

xfinity router wps button
xfinity router wps button

With each passing day, internet consumption is spiking up. In the same vein, it has increased the number of internet technology, leading to enhancement in productivity. Similarly, people are working on getting the high-end service as they cannot afford any interruption in the internet signals and speed. While we are at this subject, using the WPS has become common.

Xfinity Router WPS Button

The features are available on the Xfinity routers as well to ensure a fast internet connection. But what is the prime objective of WPS, and what does it mean? So, WPS is known as the Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is designed to streamline the connection of secure and protected wireless networks. The connection is established through the computer or routers.

In addition to WPS, such functions are named PBC, Push n Connect, QSS for quick secure setup, and the Wi-Fi simple config. It is essential to note that WPS can only work with the wireless network that is secured with a password and encrypted with the WPA2 personal security protocols and WPA Personal. However, if your wireless network has a deprecated WEP security, you won’t be able to use it.

But again, this issue can be resolved by the hackers and by running some programs. If you are following the standard setup, you won’t be able to connect to the internet if you don’t know the Wi-Fi SSID and password. For instance, if you have to connect to some Wi-Fi network on your phone, you will need to select the desired network and add the passcode.

Establishing The WPS Connection

Well, this is where WPS can help by simplifying the internet connection. In the section below, we have added information about establishing the WPS connection easily. So, have a look at and follow them right away!

  • First of all, you need to press the WPS button on the router which will switch on the devices for making device discovery
  • Take your device that needs an internet connection and select the Wi-Fi network and the connection will be established without requiring a password

Over time, the trend of smart devices has increased, which means that people are constantly investing in wireless electronics. Be it the extenders or printers; they have a WPS button for streamlined connection. If you want to use those devices without entering the password, follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Connect the devices or electronic to the Wi-Fi with the help of a WPS button of the router
  • Follow similar steps on devices

This will connect the internet with wireless devices without any data input. Also, the connection will be easier for multiple usages because Wi-Fi will “remember” your device. This means that you won’t have to use the WPS button again.

Using The PINs

Using the PIN has to be an apt choice for establishing the connection, and if you want to follow a similar procedure, the details are mentioned below. In this method, you will use the eight-digit PIN. The Xfinity router has a PIN code when WPS is enabled. The code is generated automatically, and users don’t have the liberty to change it.

The PIN will be available on the configuration page of the router. However, if you are using some other router in which WPS isn’t available, so you will need to enter the actual password for connecting to the network. In addition, some devices generate the client PIN as well, which is entered into the wireless configuration panels. This will be used by the router for connecting and adding the device to the internet network.

Is WPS Secure?

Well, no, the WPS isn’t a secure way of establishing a connection with the Xfinity router for the obvious reasons. For instance, people use the push button connect and PIN method. It’s doubtless that the push-button connection is secure, but the PIN will be demanded. Well, you can say that WPS asks for the implementation of the insecure method.

With this similar notion, people have been trying to disable the WPS connections, but there are following possibilities for that, inclusive of;

  • There is no disabling function
  • The WPS keeps working in the background
  • Some routers allow the disabling while using the push button authentication

There might be no WPS at all (from scratch!)

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  1. This explanation of what WPS is for is incomprehensible to me. I would just like to know what to do if the light comes on along with losing the internet connection, as happened tonight. All I needed to do was unplug the router and plug it back in and wait for it to reset itself. I still don’t know what WPS had to do with it.

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