Compare xFi Pods vs Google Mesh WiFi: Which One Is Better?

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Everyone who wants to enjoy living in this society must own a Wi-Fi network. But, is it enough to own a Wi-Fi network to fulfill all of your requirements? Indeed, it is not. Owning a good Wi-Fi network is a great thing to do, but along with it, you need to take care that what internet equipment are you choosing for your Wi-Fi network.

It is one of the most critical tasks, and if not done well, it will make you regret your decisions. So, to ease your work, we have brought two of the best Wi-Fi mesh equipment that will allow you to choose the best out of the rest for your home.

xFi Pods vs Google Mesh WiFi

What is xFi Pods?

If you know nothing about the xFi pods, this article will be the heaven of knowledge for you. The xFi Pods is a series of devices that help you to create a mesh network at you. Home this mesh network is something that everyone would like to have at their home as it makes a signal strength that reaches every corner of your home.

In simple words, the xFi pods find out those places where the Wi-Fi signal is weak at your home. After it, they create a mesh network to eradicate that weak signal area or call as dead spots.

Size and Speed of xFi Pods

Whenever you are getting something related to your internet, then the first thing you will notice is the speed of that device. Here you’ll get to know about the maximum speed that the xFi pods can provide you with. If we take the average peak speed that the xFi pods can give, you will get a maximum of 250 to 300 Mbps. It is quite a good speed for both gaming and streaming.

Suppose we come towards the size and dimension of the xFi pods. Size is the thing that matters a lot when you are going to get a portable Wi-Fi device. The size of the xFi pods is much larger than the normal mesh devices. The size accounts for 7.9 x 2.6 x 2.8. It is quite a large size as compared to other such pods.

Download And The Upload Speed

Uploading and downloading are the main things that most of us do while using the internet. The upload and download speed matters as much as the quality of your internet. The upload speed that the xFi Pods provide is 10 Mbps, and on the other hand, the download speed of the Xfi pods is 50 Mbps, which is quite a decent speed as you will get the same in all corners of your house.

What Is Google Mesh?

Like the Xfi pods, Google mesh performs the same work but in a different manner. The work of Google mesh is similar to the other mesh network pods, but the Google mesh stand firm in the market is the technology and the quality.

The Google mesh network works to eliminate all the dead spots in your home and increase your Wi-Fi bandwidth. Along with it, Google mesh has a voice control system that helps you to operate it with ease.

Size And Speed Of Google Mesh

It is the point where the Google mesh network takes the lead. Both the size and the speed of Google mesh is so right that no sane person will go for other mesh networks. The size of the Google mesh devices is 4.3 x 3.6. it is one of the smallest and compatible devices.

Along with it, the speed provided by Google mesh is so good that Google mesh’s average speed is as much as 653 Mbps. The speed is so good that you can enjoy quality internet anytime.

Upload And Download Speed

If we talk about the Google mesh’s download and upload speed, then there is no other mesh network that stands even close to the Google mesh. The upload speed provided by Google mesh is 200 Mbps, which is relatively higher than Xfi pods. The download speed provided by Google mesh is 300 Mbps that is perfect for any downloads.


In the above draft, we have discussed everything about the Comcast xFi pods and Google mesh. If you’re looking for our suggestion, then Google mesh is something that you must bet on. For critical analysis, give a good read to the article, and you will be able to choose the best out of the rest.

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