Cisco DPC3939 Review: High-performance and Effective Gateway

cisco dpc3939 reviews
cisco dpc3939 reviews

In this modern age, the internet has become an undeniable part of our lives because everyone wants to stay connected with each other. However, there is high-end equipment that streamlines the network infrastructure and internet connection. With this being said, the utilization of gateways has increased significantly, and we have added the Cisco DPC3939 review in this article to help you out!

Cisco DPC3939 Review:

This is the wireless residential voice gateway that’s been designed as a high-performance and effective home gateway. This gateway is an integrated unit with a combination of a two-line digital voice adapter, cable modem, and a router. There are 802.11m wireless access points that promise the optimal networking solution and reasonably-priced voice solution.

This device is a fine choice for small workplaces and homes. The gateway has been designed to offers high-speed and fast internet connection with the integration of sixteen bonded downstream channels that offer the combined speed of 640Mbps. In addition to downstream channels, it has been designed with four bonded upstream channels which are designed to offer 120Mbps speed.

If you compare the Cisco DPC3939 to other cable modems, it will offer the downstream connections with sixteen folds better speed. The gateway is designed to offer the wireless LAN services, and the gigabit ethernet ports optimize the internet connection without causing any hindrance to network interference. There are four network ports, but it doesn’t support any SIM card.

The gateway has been designed with an 802.11n wireless LAN standard that promises streamlined connection, and the availability of a USB port promises high-end connection configuration. The gateway has been integrated with the non-polarized power cord. It has been designed with a 2600mAh the lithium-ion battery that makes sure you can utilize the features even if there is no power.

The best thing about gateway is its compliance with different configuration standards, such as DOCSIS 3.0, DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 1.1, DOCSIS 1.0 standards. On top of everything, there is a PacketCable in this gateway that promises reliable connections without compromising on the top-notch performance. The availability of the ethernet ports promises seamless wired connectivity.

On top of everything, this gateway can be utilized to optimize the high-performance broadband internet connection, and the USB connections are optional. This offers versatility in connections. The gateway has been integrated with the dual-band connection given the 802.11n WAP given the eight SSIDs. This configuration offers higher compatibility with 802.11b/g.

Cisco DPC3939 has been designed with a WPS and a push-button switch that offers a simplified connection without compromising on the wireless setup. We are absolutely in love with the telephone ports (two-line and a single line), which means users can connect to the current wiring and can install it directly to the fax machines as well.

As far as the outlook is concerned, the gateway has a very compact and attractive design that can stand vertically. With this being said, this gateway can be seamlessly used in small corners. There are LED status indicators in the gateway on the front panel that promises information about the operations and display streamlined information about the network.

The best thing about Cisco DPC3939 has been integrated with the color-coded ports, which makes it easy to install and set up. As for everyone who is concerned about the management, there are parental controls in the gateway, which makes it easy for the users to block access to unwanted apps and websites.

On top of everything, there is an advanced firewall technology in the gateway that seamlessly offers protection from the network intruders. It will also protect the home network. In the case of functionality, the gateway has been designed with automatic software updates, which also offers high-end documentation and proper network file configuration.

When you buy the gateway, you will be provided the USB driver installation software that can be easily accessed from the official website. With this being said, the installation will become easier. The only downside of the Cisco DPC3939 is that you only get three years of warranty.

The Bottom Line

For everyone who needs to optimize the internet and network infrastructure, this gateway is a perfect choice. It is responsible for extending the network. The only downside of this gateway is the limited warranty time because there are no other performance issues.

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