Compare MeshForce vs Google WiFi

meshforce vs google wifi
meshforce vs google wifi

WiFi networking has become the most extensive mode of internet surfing these days. No one wants to live without its proper access. When it comes to using a WiFi network in your three-story house, using a WiFi extender or another internet access point becomes inevitable.

MeshForce vs Google WiFi

This is where you choose between technologies like MeshForce and Google WiFi. In this article, we will shed enough light on both of these technologies; MeshForce and Google Wi-Fi, so that is it easy for you to pick. This article is going to be MeshForce VS Google WiFi.

The WiFi connection in your in-home devices should be prompt and seamless which is why technologies like MeshForce and Google WiFi were designed for modern technological use. Here we would give you separate reviews on both of these technologies that would you decide whether to choose MeshForce network for your use or the Google WiFi. Stay with us. Moreover, we already suggest you choose the one that tends to suit your needs and requirements.

  1. Review On Google WiFi:

When the single router’s monitoring of the entire in-home connection isn’t enough to extend WiFi coverage anymore, then Google WiFi, a home mesh WiFi system is engraved in your home.

What Does Google Wi-Fi Do?

This Google WiFi technology replaces your conventional router, providing seamless speed and stable WiFi network coverage throughout your home. However, for Google WiFi to work, you require an Internet Service Provider (ISP) service alongside a reliable and strong modem that would help you keep connected to the internet.

With Google WiFi mesh system, you arrange several access points (WiFi devices) at whichever spot you want to fetch the internet. The place can be your in-home office room, living room, basement, gallery, bedroom, garage, etc. You can start with Google WiFi by checking the user manual.

Google WiFi—Mesh Technology:

Google WiFi works on the principles of mesh WiFi technology. You would be required to set up the Google WiFi access points, later the mesh network will facilitate those points to create a high-powered network connection and both will function hand in hand to give the fastest speed and higher bandwidth.

As a result, you will have access to fast and reliable WiFi everywhere in your house, not only near to the router. There will be no signal drop even if you are roaming all-around your house without having to care about the signals’ strength as the signals will never drop.

Now that you have entire knowledge about how Google WiFi technology, a mesh technology, works and gives results, we will proceed further to MeshForce technology. After explaining what MeshForce does, you are good to go with selecting the in-home network extending technology.

  1. Review On MeshForce:

MeshForce is a Next-Generation WiFi network solution. The WiFi technology of the MeshForce comes up with the flawless and flexible dual-band WiFi routers. The connectivity that the MeshForce routers support is more than 55 devices at a time.

There is a generally a hub located in the network that connects your home devices such as mobile, PC, TV, IP camera, etc. to the access point of MeshForce router.

What Does MeshForce Do?

MeshForce routers are the best solution for modern-day in-home networking. They increase the network coverage capability to a higher extent by extending the access points.

MeshForce eliminates buffering and dead zones of your WiFi network by covering above 1500 square feet. As a result, under a single WiFi name, an entirely seamless and robust WiFi connection is established all around the house.

You are free to deploy more than 5 WiFi access points in your home, wherever you need them. High-performance and flexibility make MeshForce technology much stronger in comparison to Google WiFi technology.

“My Mesh” App For MeshForce:

Within your home, you can download one single app “My Mesh” app which will display WiFi connection under a single name. You are free to set everything on your app.


In terms of up-to-date technology, flexibility, and stronger encryption power, MeshForce is winning against Google WiFi technology. Although, Google WiFi is much more reliable as compared to MeshForce. We would suggest you choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

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