Will A Family Mobile Phone Work With T-Mobile?

will a family mobile phone work with a tmobile sim
will a family mobile phone work with a tmobile sim

Walmart, the multinational retail corporation present pretty much everywhere in the U.S. territory, has recently launched its own mobile phone brand too.

For now, Walmart Family mobile phones still do not pose any sort of threat for AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon, the three top carriers in the country, but who knows for how long that’ll be the case? As Walmart is present almost everywhere in the national territory, that scenario may change soon.

But for now, as more and more people are buying Walmart mobiles or just subscribing to their data and voice calls plans, the question surrounding their compatibility has popped up. Will Walmart mobile phones work with other carriers’ SIM cards?

If you are thinking about buying a mobile from Walmart, or simply subscribe to one of their plans, it may be one of the most affordable options. Regarding their coverage, Walmart is putting quite a bit of time and money into expanding its already nationwide range to more secluded areas.

Additionally, their unlimited wireless plans offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio. For all that, it is clear to see how Walmart mobiles and plans will soon skyrocket and take their share of this ever-growing market.

Many subscribers of other carriers have been seeking to purchase Walmart mobiles or even sign up to one of their plans, as it has been reported by users in online forums and Q&A communities all over the internet.

Affordability seems to be the key-factor for these users to opt out of their carriers and seek Walmart as a new mobile provider. It’s not that these other carriers do not offer good prices on their plans and packages, it’s just that Walmart has marketed aggressively and is now offering huge discounts for new customers.

According to some users, other carriers even offer lower prices, but when amount of data and coverage are taken into account, Walmart surpasses most of the competition when it comes to the cost-benefit element.

As pretty much everybody has a mobile line these days, most of Walmart’s new customers are looking to keep their primary carrier SIM card and kind of ‘try out’ Walmart’s services.

Therefore, new subscribers, especially those who do not want to lose their primary T-Mobile SIM cards, are enquiring about the possibility of using T-Mobile SIM cards with Walmart Family mobiles.

Should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we walk you through all the info you need to know about this matter.

Will A Family Mobile Phone Work With T-Mobile?

Is It Possible To Use T-Mobile SIM Cards In Walmart Family Mobile?

Is It Possible To Use T-Mobile SIM Cards In Walmart Family Mobile

Most experts are saying that it is, in fact, possible to use a T-Mobile SIM card with a Walmart Family mobile. The issue is that most recently, T-Mobile signalled they would be releasing a package upgrade which probably won’t allow users to receive service with Family mobiles.

For now, the white package with T-Mobile still allows the use of their SIM cards with Family mobiles, as their locked features include only TMO and MYNO. However, once subscribers upgrade to the blue package, the service will no longer be available.

Even though Walmart clients can go to their stores to pay their bills and or even order SIM cards or mobile phones through the website, when it comes to coverage, there is strong evidence that Walmart is using the T-Mobile network to deliver its telephony services.

The good news is, should you already own an unlocked mobile with GSM technology, Walmart Family SIM cards will work. Additionally, should you own a GSM mobile that is still locked, all you have to do is go to one of your carriers stores and ask them to unlock it.

The main point here seems to be that, as T-Mobile is providing the network, they need to know which mobiles are running with their SIM cards and which ones are working with Family mobile ones.

What About Walmart’s Network Coverage?

What About Walmart’s Network Coverage

Although Walmart already delivers mobile services in a nationwide manner, they are still a MVNO. For those who are not so acquainted with telecommunications lingo, MVNO stands for Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Being a MVNO means that you provide your mobile services through the equipment – and by that we mean towers, antennas, servers, etc. – of another mobile company.

Therefore, prior to acquiring a Walmart Family mobile, take the time to check if your area is covered by T-Mobile antennas and towers.

As T-Mobile has already stretched throughout the whole U.S. territory, it is extremely unlike that you will not have coverage, but should you want to look into it deeper, check out their official website.

What About Walmart Plans And Packages?

What About Walmart Plans And Packages

When it comes to plans and packages, Walmart has really worked out a decent deal. Since they are looking to enter the market, their offers are highly attractive in their cheapness.

With four no-contract plans that offer limitless calling time and text messages, their cost-benefit ratio is outstanding. As for their data packages, they can be either unlimited or fixed, and that is where prices can range a bit higher, although they still offer quite affordable options.

The only ‘downside’ is that all Walmart plans, as opposed to most other carriers, are on a prepaid basis, which means an advance payment will be required.

What About Walmart’s Hotspot Services?

What About Walmart’s Hotspot Services

While a number of telephony providers do not offer mobile hotspot services for free, Walmart has stepped up and brought the game to a whole new level.

Their 10GB data plan, exclusively for hotspot services, has even surprised most of their users – not only for the amount of data that is allocated for that service, but also for the affordable price.

As they are advertising a Family mobile package, it makes sense that hotspot services should be included. Bear in mind though that only unlimited plans will offer the hotspot allowance. So, if you are considering a Walmart Family plan and the hotspot service is a must-have, they will surely exceed your expectations.

What About Walmart Phone Options?

What About Walmart Phone Options

Regarding mobile options, Walmart has a range of devices that should reach the expectations of every kind of users. However, should you prefer to keep the mobile you already have, there is always the possibility of porting your number.

This will mean that you don’t have to change your number upon switching to a different mobile carrier.

As for Walmart Family mobile, it is possible to perform the porting, but there are some restrictions, especially when it comes to T-Mobile. Beforehand, it is highly recommended that you check the compatibility of the devices in order not to lose features or functionalities you already count on.

With a Walmart SIM card, simply text BYOP to 611611 and go through the questionnaire to find out if there is compatibility. Once the compatibility is confirmed, make sure you have a GSM service mobile as other technologies will not work with Family packages.

Lastly, for all the T-Mobile restrictions mentioned above, bear in mind that only the white packages will allow for porting. On and on, the best odds you have regarding the compatibility is to purchase your mobile in one of Walmart’s stores, as their mobiles are designed to better work with their own SIM cards.

On a final note, if you find out about other relevant information regarding the compatibility between Walmart Family packages and T-Mobile network services, make sure to let us know.

Leave a message on our comments section and help your fellow readers get the best out of both carriers. This is especially the case as we expect the situation to keep changing as time goes on.

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