10 Best Pay As You Go Phone Plans In The United States

pay as you go phone plans
pay as you go phone plans

Best Pay As You Go Phone Plans in The United States

It is mid of 2020, and almost every person here is dependent on a small device called a mobile phone. In today’s world, mobile phones have become the uttermost requirement of everyone. The United States of America has the largest mobile phone market. It has more or less 260 million Smartphone users.

But, the thing that causes trouble for these mobile phone users is the pay as you go on plans in America. Numerous companies provide good plans. But it is hard to decide which one is better. So, we have brought 10 best-prepaid plans for the ease of our readers in the United States.

  1. Mint Mobiles 3 Months 8GB Plan

Mint Mobiles is one of the most promising brands in the United States of America. This company provides some of the best-prepaid plans to its users. This time it has come up with a package that costs $20/month (If you subscribe it for 3 months) and $35 for a single month subscription. It is one of the cheapest and reliable packages that you may own.

The package allows you to access unlimited nationwide calls and texts. Along with it, you can connect with your family and friends in Mexico and Canada with no extra charges. This package offers 8GB 4G LTE internet/ month. If you need extra data, you can subscribe to their $25/month package with 12GB fast internet.

Moreover, this package allows you to access free mobile hotspot and Wi-Fi calling and texts. After three months, you’ll be able to subscribe to this package for the next 12 months for $20/month, or you can get it for another 3 months for $35/month This prepaid SIM comes up with the standard, micro, and nano-sized cut SIM.

  1. Consumer Cellular Prepaid Phone Plan

Consumer Cellular prepaid plan is used by most of the native Americans. This company provides the best pay as you go plans at relatively low rates. The Consumer Cellular connect plan is for those users who love to talk a lot. At the rate of $30 per month, this package offers you unlimited talk time and texts.

Moreover, this plan is specially designed for seniors. It comes up with a special discount for seniors, which accounts for up to $5. The plan comes up at the rate of $30 with a $5 discount for seniors; it lets you access unlimited calls and texts with 3GB fast internet. So, if you do not have to use that much internet, this plan is a perfect bargain.

This package does not let you use unlimited data, but that is what we get for $20. If you need unlimited data, then you are allowed to subscribe for their unlimited data bundle offer that costs $60 per month. Subscribing to the Consumer Cellular Prepaid connect plan is something that will be the icing on the cake.

  1. Mint Mobile 3GB Prepaid Plan

Once again, Mint Mobile has come up with such a low-cost plan, yet it offers too much. This prepaid plan of mint mobile offers you everything that you need at just $15 per month. This package is for a time span of 3 months and will cost you $45 in total.

This pay as you go plan allows you to access unlimited nationwide texts and talks. Along with it, it allows you free of cost international calls of Canada and Mexico. This prepaid plan of Mint Mobiles is one of the best sellers. This plan does not contain any extra fee or hidden charges apart from $45 for 3 months.

Like other Mint Mobile plans, this package offers free mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, and texts. The data speed may reduce when you are about to reach the limit of 3GB. But, if you need more data, than you may subscribe to an expensive plan of Mint Mobiles. This is one of the cheapest and most reliable packages that most Americans love to subscribe for their everyday use.

  1. Boost Mobile Family Prepaid Package

Boost mobiles are one of those brands that can offer you the cheapest and most expensive mobile bundles. This time boost mobile has come up with such pay as you go plan that perfectly fits family use. The Package accounts for $120 per month, but it can offer everything that you need. This package is free from all the taxes and hidden charges.

The boost mobile unlimited plan comes up with unlimited texts and talks that can be enjoyed through four different lines. The boost mobile prepaid family package offers you 30GB fast internet with the services of the mobile hotspot and HD streaming to all the four connected devices.

The most beautiful thing about the package is, it provides unlimited domestics call for all lines. Furthermore, it allows you to 50 roaming domestic voice minutes and 411 directory assistance calls. If you are looking for a prepaid plan that will fulfill all the requirements of your family, then make sure to subscribe to Boost mobile family prepaid plan.

  1. Cricket Wireless Prepaid Cricket Core Unlimited Plan

Cricket Wireless is an infamous brand in the United States of America. It provides unique packages that suit all kinds of people. This time, Cricket Wireless has come up with such a plan that no sane person can reject. The Cricket Wireless Pay as you go family plan comes up with a price tag of $100 per month.

This plan lets you run it through four different devices. It offers you unlimited calls, text, and data. It is one of those rare prepaid plans that let you roam freely with no tension of data limits. This package let all of your four devices to use mobile data with no fear of limits.

Moreover, the best thing that attracts the majority of the users is, this package lets you text to almost 40 countries without any extra fee. This plan will be the best thing to subscribe to for you and your family at such a low cost. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and subscribe to Cricket Wireless Prepaid Cricket Core Unlimited Plan for your family.

  1. Straight Talk Prepaid Phone Plan

Straight Talks never disappoints its customers when we talk about unique prepaid packages. It always comes up with such pay as you go packages that you are unable to refrain from. This time, Straight talk has offered such a package that will not only help you connect with your family and friends within the United States of America, but it will also let you connect internationally.

This package of the straight talk lets you offer you unlimited national texts and calls and international calling to China, India, and Mexico. The straight talk also has some other package at relatively low rates, but these packages do not offer international calling. So, most of the native Americans choose to go for the Straight Talk $60 prepaid offer.

Suppose you have to connect internationally for business purposes or have family and friends outside the United States of America. Then, do not waste your time and subscribe to this package of Straight Talks. It will offer you all the perks of international calling and will surely allow you to use super-fast 25GB internet all the month.

  1. U.S. Cellular Prepaid Monthly Package

U.S. Cellular is one of America’s topmost mobile service providers. It always comes up with such offers that are loved by all its customers. U.S. Cellular pay as you go offers are preferred by most of the people of the United States of America. The best thing about this company is that it easily reaches the rural areas of America and can access you in remote areas.

The U.S. Cellular most selling package accounts for $65 per month. The package offers you unlimited calls, texts, and data services throughout thirty days. It let you connect with your family and friends easily; this package contains no extra charges. Moreover, it’s the perfect package for those businessmen who have to use their phones days in and days out.

It is one of those packages that provides you everything that you demand from a mobile service provides. Furthermore, you can also get access to call Mexico and Canada by adding an extra $5 to the current package. This U.S. Cellular prepaid monthly package will keep you tension free with its unlimited calls, texts, and data.

  1. Verizon Wireless prepaid plans

For many years, Verizon Wireless has been providing some of the best-prepaid packages to its customers. This service provider has packages for all kinds of people. The package rates of Verizon Wireless starts from $15 and can go as far as $65. All of its packages are unique and budget-friendly.

The most subscribed and reliable packages of Verizon Wireless cost $50 and $65, respectively. The first package offers unlimited national calls and texts and comes up with 15GB fast internet; it has options for mobile hotspot and connects several devices simultaneously. It also allows you unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada.

The next package that this company offers, accounts for $65. The plan offers unlimited calls and data, but it has no option for hotspot connection. It can be added by paying an extra $5 per month. This package also allows you international calls to Mexico and Canada.

Both of the packages are good at their places. If you are someone who has no such use of the internet, you must go for the first package. If the internet is your top priority, then the second package will be the best for you.

  1. Republic Wireless No Data Prepaid Plan

It is a certain thing that not everyone in this world depends on the internet. Many people do not even need a single MB of the internet for running their businesses and daily life matters. If you are one of those, why would you waste your money on buying prepaid packaging with the internet?

So, for those who do not need the internet, Republic Wireless has brought an amazing package that will suit them. The Republic Wireless No Data package accounts for $15 per month. It allows you to call as much as you want within the country. Moreover, it comes up with unlimited texting options.

The only thing bad about this package is that you cannot avail it on your iPhone. Apart from it, this is the perfect package that offers unlimited texts and call. You can also access data through your Wi-Fi.

If you were looking for a package that costs low and provides unlimited calls and texts to all networks, then the Republic Wireless No Data Prepaid package is something that you must subscribe to.

  1. T-Mobiles Monthly Simply Prepaid Plan

T-Mobiles is one of those service providers that are known for their quality. It is one of the most trusted mobile service providers across the United States of America. This time, T-Mobiles has come up with a pay as you go monthly package that you will certainly love to subscribe to.

Unlike other such packages, this prepaid package costs relatively low. It will only cost your pocket $40 per month. The T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plan offers its customers unlimited talks and texts throughout the country. You can call freely to any network within the country with no extra charges.

Apart from it, this plan offers you 10GB fast internet for a month. It is one of those plans that every sane person will love to have. Moreover, this one of those rare plans that offer you unlimited music streaming throughout the month.

So, if you are looking for such a package, then your wait is over. T-Mobiles has provided you with the best plan you can get at such rates. Grab your phones and subscribe to this package.


In the article, we have mentioned 10 of the best pay as you go plans that you can get in the United States of America. After getting through this article, you’ll certainly find a good package for yourself. If you still can’t find a suitable package for you, let us know in the comment section. Our team will try the best to resolve your issues.

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