Purple Light On A Viasat Modem? Try These 4 Self-Diagnosis

purple light on viasat modem
purple light on viasat modem

Viasat internet is one of the best in the market for people who need a satellite internet connection. However, it is susceptible to different internet errors, and purple light is one of them. The purple light on the modem usually indicates a problem with the device, such as malfunctioning. So, let’s see how you can fix the purple light on the Viasat modem to improve the internet connectivity.

Purple Light On The Viasat Modem

1. Check The Wires

The first thing you can try to resolve the purple light issue is to check the wires that are connected to the modem. In the majority of cases, the wires wear out with time or become loose, which can lead to internet connectivity errors – it’s caused by instability in the internet signals. For this reason, you have to inspect the wires and make sure they are properly connected to the internet modem.

For instance, you can take out the cables/wires and reconnect them to ensure a tight connection. In addition to this, make sure that the wires are in intact form (there are no abrasions or fraying). If there is some visible damage to the wires, replace them to fix the internet signal interruptions.

2. Reboot The Modem

The reboot can resolve the minor and temporary issues that are causing purple light on the modem. For reboot, you can follow these below-mentioned instructions;

  • Disconnect the power cable and batteries of your modem, along with other hardware that’s connected to it
  • Let it reset for sixty seconds as it helps the device cool down
  • Now, connect the modem by inserting the batteries and power cable and wait for two minutes to ensure the modem stabilizes
  • Once the indicator lights become stable, the internet speed will be better, and the purple light will be gone

3. Reset

A reboot is a softer solution, and if it doesn’t fix the purple light, you have to move to a reset. For resetting the modem, you need to press the reset button with the paperclip for ten seconds. As a result, the modem will revert to the factory default settings, and the configuration errors will be cleared. You must remember that resetting the modem will delete the customized settings, and you will have to set them again to optimize the internet connection according to your preferences.

4. Damaged Modem

Another reason behind the purple light is the damaged modem. This is because if some internal component is damaged on the modem, it will fail to perform properly, hence the purple light. We suggest that you hire an electrician to get the modem diagnosed, and if there is some mechanical damage, call Viasat technical support team to get it fixed, particularly when the modem is in warranty.

The Bottom Line

In case none of the above-mentioned solutions has managed to fix the purple light, the only solution is to call the Viasat customer support team as they can connect you to the tech personnel. The tech personnel can provide deeper troubleshooting details or offer a modem replacement if they suspect mechanical damage.

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