Xfinity Modem Battery Light Blinking: 3 Ways To Fix

xfinity modem battery light blinking
xfinity modem battery light blinking

Xfinity Modems are not only great in terms of efficiency, speed, and connectivity but they are also offering a wide range of value-added features that will enhance your experience over the internet and you are simply going to love having them around.

Xfinity Voice Modems also come with a choice of battery back-up modems; they allow you to have extended backup for your modem in case of any sort of power outages. There is also a battery indicator LED on the modem that will indicate the status of these batteries. If the light is blinking on your Modem, here is what you need to know.

Xfinity Modem Battery Light Blinking: What Does it Mean?

The light indicator should be solid on the modem if the batteries are running on optimal health. If there is some sort of issue, or the batteries are depleted, that would cause the lights to be blinking. So, there is nothing much to be worried about, and here is how you can fix it in no time.

1) Check the power input

The first thing that you need to check is the power input. These batteries are automatically charged while the modem is plugged into the power outlet. If you have a power outage, or the modem is not plugged in the power outlet, the modem will be running on the battery power. Each battery optimally provides 24 hours of backup.

Most of the time, there are two batteries to ensure that you can get smooth connectivity even if there is some extensive power outage in your area. So, checking the power input should do the trick for you and your batteries will be charged once you plug it back on the grid power. This will stop the lights blinking and you can have your modem working like before.

2) Replace Batteries

If you are using batteries for quite some time, that would mean that they might be gone bad or grown weaker and are not able to perform right under the power outages. A weak battery will get you the sign and the LED indicator on your modem will start blinking to grab your attention.

You should be replacing the batteries to ensure a smoother operation and having the peace of mind that your batteries are secure and ready to provide backup if needed. It would be better if you consult Xfinity before replacing your batteries as they will be able to confirm the model that you are going to need for your batteries and that will do the trick for you.

3) Get your modem checked

Sometimes there can be some malfunction or error on the modem such as a short circuit or bad components that can cause your batteries to be drained much faster than usual. For such cases, you will need to get your modem checked by Xfinity if you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps above so they can diagnose the problem in detail and provide you with the right solution that might be repair or replacement.

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