Why Does My Roku Keep Signing Out Of YouTube? 7 Fixes

why does my roku keep signing out of youtube
why does my roku keep signing out of youtube

YouTube has always been the resort for people in need of entertainment. Well, that’s to say, because it has a never-ending stream of videos, music, and those tutorials. Similarly, people are using YouTube on Roku TV to enjoy everything on a bigger screen with better pixels. But if you are questioning, “why does my Roku keep signing out of YouTube?” we have got you covered. In this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting tips!

Why Does My Roku Keep Signing Out Of Youtube?

1) Change the Settings

Once you have switched on Roku TV and have access to the home screen, you need to open the settings and look for YouTube. You will come across a 12-digit numerical code. Then, go to the main screen and open the settings from the YouTube app. Enter the code in the activation settings, and it will stay signed-in.

2) G-Suite Account

For everyone who is struggling with a frequent sign out of the YouTube app on the Roku app, there are chances that the Google G-Suite account has some issues in settings. In this case, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Go to the admin panel and switch to device management
  • Now, tap on the mobile option and navigate to the setup
  • Uncheck the “enable mobile management” option, and the sign out the issue will be sorted

3) Log Out of The Devices

If you are using the YouTube app on Roku, you can log out of all devices from the settings. However, before logging out of the devices, you need the change the password and then log out. With this being said, when you sign in to YouTube with the new password, there are high chances that it will stay signed in.

4) Updates

When the YouTube app is outdated or has bugs, it can lead to frequent and outdated logouts. With this being said, you should check for YouTube app updates on the app store of Roku TV. Even more, you can try removing the sling channel to fix the issue. Once you delete the sling app, you need to restart the TV and reinstall the sling channel again. This will fix numerous issues, and the frequent sign-outs will be fixed as well.

5) Wrong Gmail Account

When you enter the wrong login credentials, this will lead to constant sign-ins and sign-outs. In this case, it is suggested that you log out from YouTube and enter the right credentials.

6) Cache

So, your YouTube keeps logging out on Roku TV, and nothing seems to work or fix things up. If this is the issue, you should clear the cache from the TV (and from the set-top box if you are using one). The cache tends to clog the connection, and the sign out the issue will occur.

7) Reinstallation

In this case, you should delete the YouTube app from Roku TV. Once you delete the YouTube app, restart the TV and download the YouTube app again. In this case, you should activate the YouTube app with the activation code found from the settings.

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