5 Ways To Fix TCL Roku TV Error Code 003

tcl roku tv error code 003
tcl roku tv error code 003

The combination of TCL and Roku TV is an apt choice for people who like high-quality resolution and on-demand content. Roku TV is basically the streaming device for people to stream content from different channels.

On the contrary, when connected with TCL, users are bugged with TCL Roku TV error code 0003. So, let’s have a look at the solutions for fixing the error code!

TCL Roku TV Error Code 003 – What Does It Mean?

Before checking out the solutions, it is important to understand the reason behind this error code. The error code 003 basically means that the software update is missing or has failed (Roku TV launches regular updates). There are various reasons behind failed software updates, such as connection issues, server issues, and more. Now, let’s put a spotlight on the solutions!

1) Roku Server

Whenever the error code 003 occurs on your TCL Roku TV, you have to check the server issues. In this case, you have to consider if there is a server outage. In some cases, Roku TV might be doing server maintenance.

For this reason, you have to check the social media pages of Roku TV because they provide updates about server outages and maintenance schedules. If anything like that’s happening, you can simply wait till the issue is sorted by Roku authorities.

2) Network Security Protocol

The network security protocol is an essential consideration while you are trying to fix the error code 003. For people who are using the AES network security protocol, we suggest that you use the WPA2-PSK (TKIP) protocol.

For changing the network security protocol settings, you have to open the router settings and move to the Security tab. From this tab, change the security protocol to WPA2-PSK (TKIP). When the security protocol settings are changed, you can connect to the network again.

3) Wired Connection

If the two previously-mentioned solutions don’t work, we suggest you use the wired connections (yes, the ethernet connection rather a wireless connection). This will ensure that Wi-Fi is not causing the issue (it’s great for ruling out the network connectivity issues).

On the other hand, if you cannot change the wired connection, it’s best that you change the network channel. For instance, if you are using the 5GHz network connection, shift to 2.4GHz and try connecting again.

4) Update

We have already mentioned that the error code 003 is caused by the update failure, so why don’t you try updating the software again? In that case, you have to open the Roku TV website and look for the software update of your current model. That being said, if the update is available, download it and make sure the internet connection is stable. While you are trying to install the update, let us tell you that updating the software will be easier with an ethernet connection.

5) Technical Team

For people who still have the error code 003 appearing on TCL Roku TV, we suggest calling the technical team of Roku TV. This is because the error code is caused by the software failure of Roku TV.

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