What is Verizon Premium Data? (Explained)

what is verizon premium data
what is verizon premium data

The internet is an ultimate reality for everyone out there, and Verizon has become the most preferred choice. Verizon has designed a wide range of packages and plans for optimal user experience. However, there are different types of data plans by Verizon, but people often ask, “what is Verizon premium data?” we have added every piece of information you need to know in this article

What is Verizon Premium Data?

The Unlimited Plans & Premium Data

In the past few months, Verizon has released a wide range of unlimited plans. The unlimited packages are a part of the phone plan lineups and have four plans. These plans can be customized to meet the individual needs of the users. The unlimited packages batch is starting out at $70 if you use one-line packages.

With this being said, Start Unlimited is the most reasonable and economic plan out there that’s designed with unlimited call minutes, text messages, 4G LTE data, 480p video streaming, and there are rewards as well. In addition, there is a six-month Apple Music subscription; however, there are no hotspot options available for the users.

Secondly, you can opt for the $80 plan that’s designed with 5G connectivity. This is the Play More Unlimited plan, which is designed with 720p video streaming. On the other hand, there is a Do More Unlimited package that is integrated with the 500GB of cloud storage, along with hotspots. In addition, it comes with 50GB of premium data (yes, the one you’ve been wondering about!).

The premium data can be pretty tricky, but we are here to share the information. The premium data is available with unlimited plans. This is because the regular 4G LTE connection tends to be weak and slow during the congestion time. In simpler words, premium data is the soft data cap with which the internet speed will be adversely impacted during network congestion.

The Play More Unlimited package is designed with a higher cost, but it has 25GB premium data, while the Do More Unlimited package offers 50GB premium data. In addition to premium data, the Verizon plans are designed with hotspot data, and you can get 5G connectivity by paying an extra $10. However, the 5G connectivity should be subscribed if your area has coverage.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that people have been confused between premium data and unlimited data. However, the definition of unlimited data and premium data changes with the plan you use. So, it is suggested to compare different plans and line out the differences in premium data and unlimited data.

In simpler words, the Unlimited Plan is integrated with the premium network access with which you can get 50GB of premium data (4G LTE signals) on a monthly basis. However, when you exceed the count of 50GB from the package, you will experience the throttled internet, meaning the internet speed will be slower. Lastly, you will get 720p video streaming with the plan activation. As far as the slow internet speed is concerned, it will be a temporary issue.

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