What Is Charter Wi-Fi?


Charter communications is a company that mainly focuses on telecommunication and media technology products. They are an American company and their services are mainly centered in the USA. Charter communications provide cable TV service to almost 27 million people in the US, making them the second-largest cable service provider in the USA, falling short behind Comcast.

They are also one of the largest telephone service providers in the entire nation, being fifth when it comes to the number of subscribers. They are a fairly new company as compared to some others, as Charter Communications was founded in the 1980s, and has had a couple of changes in its name since the time. Since then they have also had a change of priorities, shifting towards more and more modern things as time went on.

What Is Charter Spectrum?

One of their main divisions that prioritizes modern advancements is Charter Spectrum, which is one of the trade names of the company made for the sole purpose of marketing and providing customers with things like cable television, telephone services, and of course, internet.

It was formed just a few months before the end of the 20th century and has been providing customers with a variety of different services since the time. Originally having the same name as the company, the residential services provided by Charter was also called Charter communications until being rebranded as Charter Spectrum a few years ago in 2014. While Charter Spectrum focuses on a variety of different things, the Internet is one of their strong suits.

A brand that was started in 1995, Road Runner was one of Time Warner Cable’s main subdivisions that focused on providing residents across the US with internet speeds that were high enough for the time, while making improvements in their speeds as time passed on.

Time Warner Cable simply named it Time Warner Cable Internet just a few years before Charter purchased Time Warner Cable as a whole and renamed their internet service to Spectrum Internet.

Charter Spectrum is one of the more widely known Wi-Fi and wired service providers in the US, having more than 22 million subscribers across the nation. A lot of these subscribers were people that already had a subscription with Time Warner Cable Internet, and were switched to Charter due to the surprise merger between the two companies. In recent times Charter has lost more and more customers when it comes to their Cable TV services and has gained quite a lot more subscribers when it comes to their internet services.

Charter Spectrum isn’t the most affordable internet service provider in the US, however, they offer some very great deals when you take their download speeds into consideration. Here are a few of their widely known packages, along with their details.


Spectrum has a fairly large amount of packages that you can choose from. Each package, of course, has differences in both price and speed. Obviously the more expensive ones will be better than the less expensive ones since the pricier ones will be getting you much higher speeds. Some of their packages are also bundles, providing customers with both TV services along with high-speed internet. Here are a few of their more famous packages.

1. Charter Spectrum Internet™

Charter Spectrum Internet is one of Spectrums best packages when it comes to worth for value. Providing customers with a modem and absolutely no data caps, the package costs $49.99 and can provide subscribers with a very impressive 940 Mbps. The deal also grants access to the Spectrum Security Suite on 10 different computers, a software that prevents any damage on your computers via malware or viruses.

2. Triple Play Silver

Triple Play Silver has a price of almost $125 per month for 12 months, which may be a bit too much in the eyes of many, however, it is a good enough price considering that the package provides customers with almost 200 different HD channels via TV services. These channels also include HBO and Showtime. On top of this, the service also provides subscribers of the package with unlimited phone calls to three different countries which include Mexico, Canada, and obviously the USA. When it comes to the internet aspect, there is a modem included and a router can be added for Wi-Fi use. The top speed the package provides is 940 Mbps, similar to the last one.

3. Spectrum Internet Standard

Spectrum Internet Standard is their most common and simple package across the US. Providing users with upload speeds of just 10 Mbps and download speeds of 200 Mbps at the highest. The package is a good deal for most who live alone or with one other person. There are no extra additions to the package as it is an internet only.

They have other packages as well but these three are some of the most famous ones. It should be kept in mind that these packages do not include Wi-Fi from the start, providing users with only a modem. However Wi-Fi can be added to all of them for a price of 5 dollars of the month, however, it can be different depending upon the state you live in.

One thing that people really liked about the merger between Charter and Time Warner Cable was the fact that charter was no longer charging people a monthly fee for their modems. Instead Charter provided customers with free modems in most of their services, at least before 2019. In April they decided to add a one-time fee in most of their packages that subscribers would have to pay to get a modem. This obviously frustrated people, yet it was understandable.

Charter has always faced some very strong criticism since its establishment from reviewers in America however they have improved themselves more and more and are no longer the brand they were 10 years ago. Their internet and Wi-Fi packages are good enough for value and the company is safe to deal with, making them an ideal choice if you’re in America and need a Wi-Fi provider.



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