3 Steps To Fix Slow Charter Internet

charter internet slow
charter internet slow

Charter Communication is one of the huge American cable operating company providing its various telecommunication services to more than 4.7 million people all around the United States. Its broadband Internet Connection is what has gained much attention whether positive or negative.

It does promise to provide you with speedy connection yet many people have complained about the Charter Internet’s slow connection and services. Slow internet speeds are one the most common internet issues faced by customers of all networks and it is not a do or die situation but an extremely irritating one.

If you are facing some similar speed issues with your Charter Internet being slow, ready this article carefully till the end to know what you can do to repair your connection’s speed.

How Do Charter Services Work?

Charter is the second-largest cable operating company of the US known for providing a wired broadband Internet connection to the public through a cable modem. It means that when you subscribe to one of the internet packages offered by Charter Internet you much need a cable wire to connect to their Internet services. You cannot simply use your phone’s Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection but you’re forced to buy a specific Charter modem that lets you access Charter Internet Services.

If you want to have wireless internet access, you need to configure your home Wi-Fi router to the Charter modem. Only then you will be able to access Charter Internet services wirelessly on your smartphone and other smart devices. The Internet speeds of Charter have always been a subject of discussion on many different platforms, even caught in a lawsuit once by a top law enforcement officer from New York.

Slow Speed Claims

It was claimed by the attorney that Charter and its respective Internet subsidiary, Spectrum, had been deceiving their customers with their advertisements and services. He further requested the New York’s Supreme Court to make Charter pay as much as $1 billion dollars to all their 2.5 billion users in New York for the fact that the public has been paying more than what the company was offering since 2012 when it purchased Time Warner Cable.

Charter Internet Slow Speed Issues

Nowadays, we practically live in a world connected by the Internet. Our lives depend upon internet services and its speed matters the most in this regard. As for Charter internet speeds, it was found on investigation that the customers, using Charter Internet Services, are being charged about $110 a month for 300 Mbps but instead, on an average scale, they’re only getting mere 85 Mbps.

For other monthly subscription plans, those who’re paying $70 for 100 Mbps are hardly getting 50 Mbps internet speeds. In a bigger more summed up picture, the Charter Internet Speeds were approximately 80% slower on an average scale. And clearly, that wasn’t what customers were promised with when buying a Charter Internet’s subscription plan.

There is a long list of slow internet issues that one has to face while using Charter Internet Services but besides the speed claim, there may be other reasons why you’re facing these speed issues as listed below.

1) Malware and Spyware Programs

One of the biggest reasons for slow speed internet services is unsecured connection. You never know when you are browsing different websites and webpages, you come across a number of malware and spyware programs that not only affect your internet speeds but also steal the important sensitive data that you have stored on your phone or on whatever device you’re using. These programs are like hawks gawking to find a vulnerable target with an unsecured connection.

How to Avoid Such Programs?

By using a secure connection you can avoid any such malicious spyware and malware programs. Avoid visiting useless unknown webpages and clicking on all those tempting links that lead you to an unsecured website. You can also try using a VPN app to ensure establishing a much secure Internet connection that will prevent your internet from being exposed to any such programs.

2) Virus Attacks

Different types of computer virus attacks are also responsible for slowing down the internet connection by affecting your computing device. If your Charter Internet slows down while loading a certain web-link or whenever performing a certain task, your device is likely to be under attack of a virus program.

How to Prevent Virus Attacks?

A virus program always attacks when your device is unsecured and vulnerable. To prevent your device from being attacked by different viruses you can install one of the different antivirus software. This software scans your device from time to time and stays alert for any unwanted virus attacks.

Whenever any virus is detected, they notify you immediately so that you can have it removed as soon as possible by different methods and enjoy a fast speed connection.

3) Hardware Malfunctioning Problems

Usually, when you are performing many internet-related tasks at once on your device, you’re likely to face Charter Internet slow speed connections. This is because your device is only capable of handling a specific number of tasks at a time and functioning more than its capability affects its inner and outer hardware and it starts malfunctioning, causing troubles like speed issues and others.

How to Prevent Hardware from Malfunctioning?

Try using your device according to its capabilities. Your device comes with a calculated amount of RAM which is responsible for performing a different task and maintaining a certain speed. Don’t exhaust your device by giving it many tasks simultaneously. This way you won’t have to face hardware malfunctioning and your Charter Internet won’t face speed issues.


If you follow through the above describes prevention steps and still have to face Charter Internet slow speed connection, you may be suffering through some kind of technical problems. You can contact the help desk of the Charter as it comes with a variety of Customer Support features. You can describe your slow speed internet issue by emailing them or even on call as you’d prefer.

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