What Does Answered Remotely Mean?

what does answered remotely mean
what does answered remotely mean

During the past couple of years, a few Verizon users have reported encountering a strange issue that has not been reported before. When you usually call a person or receive a call from a person, it, later on, shows in the call logs of your cell phone. Usually, it appears as simply the number called or answered. However, a few users have reported seeing the incoming calls on their cell phones as being shown with a unique status of “Answered Remotely” written in green color.

The issue became even more mysterious because this status regularly appears in front of the calls received from particular numbers only. This status does not appear on most of the numbers from which the users receive calls. In most cases, users have reported seeing this status in front of the number that they had in their phone book for quite some time. For example, one user reported seeing this status in front of the calls received from his girlfriend’s number. Another user reported seeing this status in front of the calls received from his father’s number. This issue has been reported by customers of other carriers as well.

What Does Answered Remotely Mean?

Now, the question is what does answered remotely mean? And why does this statue appear?

This issue can happen due to several different reasons that are somewhat similar. One of the top reasons is that the Numbersync feature allows secondary devices to spoof the exact number on the user’s primary device. This doesn’t forward any calls to the user’s data specific number which is usually used by a tablet or a smartwatch. The Numbersync function is created based on the user’s name & password created for his or her phone line. One of the ways of getting rid of this issue is for the user to change the password of his line or account. Another thing that you can do to get rid of the issue is to contact your service provider and ask them to remove Numbersync from the phone line.

There may be some other reasons for ‘Answered Remotely’ status as well. One of the reasons can be that the person who answered the call answered it from a different device than their usual phone. They can activate call forwarding to a different device or they can link up a device with their phone to answer the phone calls they receive.

There is also a possibility that the usage of 3rd party devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home may be playing a role in this status. Once these third-party devices can receive and make calls, they act as remote devices. When the users are using such devices, their phone is not technically answering the call and they are using these remote devices to answer the calls.

To know the exact specific answer as to why this might be appearing in front of a specific number, you may have to contact your service provider. However, there is a greater possibility that it is not an issue at your end. Instead, it is an issue at the end of the other person against whose number you are seeing this status. They can check with their service provider as to why it is appearing against their number.

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