New eVoice VoIP Manages Your Business Calls with WiFi

A new app for the Android smartphone was recently unveiled as a result of a partnership between eVoice and j2 Global Inc.  The new app provides Android users with a way to prevent dropped business phone calls without using up minutes in their cellular plan.

eVoice which advertises a “Radically Better Phone Number” and j2 Global Inc. collaborated on the eVoice Mobile App to accommodate Android users that use their smartphone for both personal and business use.  By providing a way to manage business calls, Android users can have the best of both worlds including having business calls answered professionally without eating into the minutes on your cellular plan.  Instead eVoice Mobile App manages phone calls using a WiFi connection instead of your cellular service.

How It Works

eVoice Mobile App was previously released for the iPhone and BlackBerry.  According to a recent Nielsen report more than 40 percent of all mobile phone users have an Android phone.  This report was released during 2011 and the numbers are expected to increase during 2012, hence the reason for the release of eVoice Mobile App for the Android smartphone.

eVoice Mobile App offers many business features which are included in high end smartphones and tablet PCs that are currently on the market.  The app allows the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android to receive calls via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) through WiFi or 3G and 4G networks.  This way you save money by routing and receiving calls over the data connection for your smartphone instead of using up your minutes.  It also reduces the number of calls that tend to have a poor quality connection in locations such as underground transportation venues, lower floors of buildings, and even your home office.

Other features which are offered by eVoice Mobile App include caller ID, voicemail that is transcribed to text, an Inbox that holds all of your extensions in one folder, voicemail search function, and speed dial.  The app helps you to have your own personal assistant without paying for the expense of a receptionist.  It also works with your current phone number so you never have to change it to accommodate the app.

Using the Auto Attendant feature you can create the impression that you have more than one department when people call your number such as “For Sales Press 1”  “For Customer Service Press 2” and so on.  This is all accomplished over a VoIP connection.  You can also forward your calls from eVoice Mobile App to any phone you like so you never miss an important call.

What Does It Cost?

You can obtain a free trial of eVoice Mobile App for six months and then after that you have your choice of three different plans.  The base plan is $12.95 per month with two extensions and 300 monthly minutes, the intermediate plan is $19.95 a month with three extensions and 500 monthly minutes, and the high end plan is $29.95 per month for five extensions and 1000 monthly minutes.  If you require more extensions you can simply upgrade your plan.

With some of the plans you can get your own toll free number in addition to a local number and transfer your existing number to the eVoice service.  You can also use your existing toll free number if you prefer.

eVoice Mobile App does not require any special software and can be used on a Mac or PC platform that has a web browser and Internet connectivity.  You can setup a professional greeting on your voicemail by entering the text for your greeting.  It will then be recorded by a professional voice artist.  If you want to record your own greeting you can record it and format it in an mp3 or .wav file and then upload it to your service through the eVoice website.

Calls can be routed to three different phone numbers over WiFi.  If you list more than one phone number in your call routing list you can designate where you want the calls routed or you can have all three phones ring at once.

Where to Obtain eVoice Mobile App

eVoice Mobile App is available for download from the eVoice website which you can access by clicking here.  The links to respective smartphones are located on the home page of the website or you can download the app to your smartphone from the marketplace that is provided for your Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry.

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