Can You Turn On Location Services Remotely On Android?

can you turn on location services remotely android
can you turn on location services remotely android

Most mobile phones coming out nowadays have numerous features pre-built on them. These allow you to have a relaxed time even while you are outside. You can even work entirely on your phone now without needing a laptop or computer system. Aside from this, the calling and messaging features are also included on these devices just like before.

The camera systems for these phones have also been upgraded so much that you no longer have to carry digital camera systems with you. Finally, another useful feature on mobile phones is the location on them. This allows you to use maps and guide yourself through an area you were unaware of. Though, another situation in which this comes in handy is if you have lost your mobile.

Can You Turn On Location Services Remotely On Android?

If you have misplaced your mobile phone then one way to find it is through the phone recovery applications online. Though, you should note that all of these require you to own a device that uses a Google account. Once you have the program completely set up the application will then search for your device’s last known location.

Keep in mind that this will only work if the location service on your mobile phone is switched on. Additionally, the internet on your device should also be active at the time. If it had been disabled then the application will show you the last seen location for your device.

However, some third-party applications can help you out even if your internet or data usage was disabled but your location was on. Considering this, people who have the location disabled on their phones might question ‘Can you turn on location services remotely on your android?’.

The answer to this question is a little complicated. If you were using an older mobile phone that does not support remote control features then there is no way for you to enable the feature.

Though, people who are using the latest firmware version of android can use the new service released by Microsoft. This allows you to connect your mobile phone to your system. You can then control all the features on your device through your computer whenever you want to.

The only requirement is that both of your devices have a stable internet connection on them. If even one of the networks is weak then the software might not work properly. This allows you to mirror your phone completely on your system, after which the user can enable or disable any services that they like.

You can even establish a connection when your mobile phone is locked. Though, one important thing to note is that you have to keep this software configured beforehand. If you have already lost your phone and the new service was not set up.

Then there is no other way to switch off your location services remotely. Aside from this, if people are wondering if the remote services can work the opposite way as well. Then they can use Google’s remote client to control their system from their phone whenever they want to.

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