3 Ways To Fix Blue Light and No Picture On Westinghouse TV

westinghouse tv blue light no picture
westinghouse tv blue light no picture

If you know a bit about the TV sets, you must understand how good Westinghouse TV is. They are one of those TVs that will help you enjoy fantastic video content, and if you are fond of home theater, then this is something perfect for you.

The most recently reported issue of Westinghouse TV was about the blank or blue TV screen with no picture. We know that no one wants to watch a blank blue screen for so long. To help you overcome this issue, we have come up with this article. Follow the article and help yourself to enjoy amazing video content.

Blue Light and No Picture On Westinghouse TV

What Does the Blue Light Indicates?

There may be various reasons why you are witnessing a blue screen on your TV with no picture or sound on earth. The reason can be of power cable. It can also be due to the settings of your TV. Even in the worst case, it can be due to the capacitors failing to supply and store power. If you think that anyone can be one of the issues responsible for the malfunctioning of your TV, then follow the article below we have provided some of the most useful methods to overcome such a problem.

1. Check The Cord Connections

Most of the time, the cause of the issue is so small that we do not even care to look over it. In most cases, when you start to witness a blue screen with no picture, your TV’s cord connections are lousy. The first and foremost thing that you will have to do to overcome the issue is checking the cord connections. Plug them finely, and probably your TV will work amazingly.

2. Choose Correct Source Or Input

One of the things that we do not care about after getting a TV is choosing a correct source or input. In smart TV, you need to set up everything as per your requirements, and if something is wrongly entered, it may result in such conditions as mentioned above. If, even after changing the settings and plugging in the cords, your TV is not working the change the cable cord source. For instance, unplug the cord from the HDMI 1 source and plug it into the HDMI 2 source.

3. Power Supply Replacement

You need to fear if your TV is displaying a blue screen with no picture. If the above-given articles do not resolve the issue, then the power supply is damaged. In this case, you will have to get help from an expert. Moreover, the thing to worry about is that it may cost you as much as $250 if the TV is without a warranty.


If you have been through the above-written article, then you already know the solution to your issues. In the draft, you will find some of the most useful methods to troubleshoot the blue screen issue. Follow the guidelines given in the article and help yourself to overcome the problem.

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