2 Ways To Fix Blue Light On Netgear Router

netgear router blue light
netgear router blue light

One of the most common issues reported about the Netgear router was the blue light on the router. If you are going through such a problem, then you may be very annoyed by it. So, to resolve this issue for you, we have brought this article. Follow it to get the answers to your queries.

What Does Blue Light on Netgear Router Mean?

There are many reasons you are witnessing the blue light on the Netgear router, but some of the main reasons include: Data is being communicated over the wireless network or broadcasting Wi-Fi networks. It may also be due to the booting process. It is not certain that the internet will stop working if you are witnessing a blue light. The internet may work finely even with the blue light on. But, you need to resolve the issue of whether the blue light is flashing or not. Below are given some of the troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

1. Go For A Factory Data Reset

Blue light is not an issue, but it may not be resolved on a quick basis. So, you need to overcome it even if your internet is working finely. The basic and most convenient method to resolve the blue light issue is going for a factory data reset. A factory data reset will delete all of the data, but on the other hand, it will kill all of the bugs and malware.

So, what you need to do is go for a factory data reset as soon as possible. It will surely help you to resolve the issue with no or minimum efforts placed. Try this method and let us know about your experience.

2. Ask For A Device Replacement

If the factory data reset does not resolve the issue, then what you need to do is ask your service provider to replace the device if and only if it is in warranty. It is the best thing that you can do to make your router good again. If your device is in the warranty and you are facing the blue light issue, you need to go for a device replacement as soon as possible. Netgear has one of the best replacement policies, so it will not be a hard nut to crack to resolve the issue.


In the draft, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Netgear router’s blue light. You need to read the draft to the end if you are facing the blue light issue. It will allow you to overcome all of your issues. Let us know how it went.

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