Insignia TV Blue Light No Picture: 3 Ways To Fix

insignia tv blue light no picture
insignia tv blue light no picture

The multinational electronics manufacturer Best Buy delivers high tech devices all over North America, as well as some countries in Central America and even China. Amongst their most sold devices are computers, appliances, cell phones, and videogames.

Although the company has expanded to so many different devices, its most famous product is the Insignia TV, which has been reported to experience an issue that turns the screen into a source of blue light without displaying images.

Even with its enormous variety of products and the promise that the Insignia TV will suit any kind of entertainment demand, Best Buy products are not free from issues.

Many customers have reported issues with their Insignia TVs in various online forums and Q&A communities in an attempt to get an explanation as well as an easy fix.

For sure, the error message feature on Insignia TVs help users realising what is the problem and more easily reach a solution through the user manual, but not all customers are tech-savvy enough to fix these minor issues on their own.

Should you find yourself amongst these customers, bear with us as we will walk you through on three easy fixes any user can perform without risking endangering the equipment.

So, without further ado, here is what you can do to fix the issue with the lack of image and the blue light on the display of your Insignia TV.

How To Fix Insignia TV Blue Light No Picture

  1. Check If The Right Voltage Is Reaching The TV Set

Check If The Right Voltage Is Reaching The TV Set

The easiest and first thing you should do is check the voltage, since the wrong current values could hinder the performance of the TV set or even stop it from properly switching on.

Normally, the blue light on the display is telling you that the TV is actually receiving electrical current, but probably not enough.

Should that happen, the chipset will not activate, and the display will not receive the command to show the images, and that is why users are getting an imageless frame on their Insignia TV sets.

The most practical way of checking the voltage is with a voltmeter, which can reveal exactly the amount of current the TV is receiving as well as how much is being sent by the power outlet.

So, make sure to check both ends, and should it be the case, change the power outlet, since this could be a good indicator that the issue is being caused by the lack of current sent to the TV set.

On a further note, make sure that there are not too many devices plugged to the same power outlet, since that could also cause the TV not to receive enough electricity.

Finally, call a professional to check your power sockets as well, so you can prevent experiencing the same lack of current issue with other electronic devices.

  1. Check If The Main Board Is Working Properly

Check If The Main Board Is Working Properly

Since the current is actually reaching the TV set, there is a decent chance the issue is happening between the chipset and the main board of your Insignia TV. This can hinder the image signals reaching the display and cause your TV to show empty frames.

In order to make sure the main board is properly functional, hold down the power and the volume down buttons at the same time. Bear in mind this fix will only work with the buttons on the TV set, so forget about the remote control during this procedure.

While holding down the two buttons, unplug the Insignia TV from the power outlet. After twenty seconds you can let go of the buttons and you will notice the TV LED light shining blue. This is a signal the procedure has been successful, so now all you have to do is give it a minute and plug the power cord back in.

If this was the cause of the issue, the re-initiation of the system should repair it and have the image signals reach the display. That means, once the TV completes the initiation procedures, the screen should go back to working normally. So, just be patient and the system will fix the issue for you.

  1. Give The TV Set A Restart

Give The TV Set A Restart

Should you attempt both fixes and the image is still not showing on the screen of your Insignia TV, the last thing you can attempt is to give the TV set a reset. This is because there might be some sort of malfunction with the main board, and a reset will help it locate and solve the problem.

Bear in mind that this procedure should not be performed through the TV menu, even though the system itself offers that option.

In order to give the Insignia TV a proper reset, remove the power cable from the back of the TV set and hold the start button for at least a minute.

That should give the device time to locate and fix possible errors as well as getting rid of all unnecessary temporary files that may be overfilling the cache and hindering the performance of the TV.

It is highly recommended that you give the system a good fifteen to twenty minutes to perform the whole process before you reconnect it to the power source.

Should the procedure fix the issue, once you reconnect the power cord and switch the TV on, the image will be back to normal and you will be able to enjoy the outstanding quality of entertainment your Insignia TV can offer.

18 thoughts on “Insignia TV Blue Light No Picture: 3 Ways To Fix”

  1. Uh my Insignia TV doesn’t have volume buttons. Only one button power/input button with the blue light. That’s it. So pretty impossible to hold in a button that isn’t there. I tried unplugging everything and I held in the power button. And nothing helped.

  2. I have a 58 inch I found in the trash. It will not turn on at all. The blue light blinks when I hit the power button.
    I have replaced all 3 circuit boards. They only cost me about $75 for all 3. It is better than paying over $400 for a new one.
    I have one last board to replace. When I replaced the main power board I got a green light on the other board. This led me to believe that board is now getting power.
    I replaced the board with all the hook ups. A red light came on showing it was working. But, the TV did not turn on.
    There is one board left. It is the board with the power button. $19.99 on Ebay. I am waiting for it to arrive. If this works I just got myself a 58 inch TV for less than $100.00. Cannot beat that one

  3. I’m having the same issue. First I couldn’t change the channels on my TV, I then unplugged it from the wall, I waited 60 second and replugged the power cord back into the TV. I then held the power button for 60 second and nothing happened ?. I pray it will work tomorrow morning.

  4. My screen will briefly flash when turning off the tv, but everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked to get the screen to stay on. Goes back to black, and sometimes the blue light will pulsate. I’m buying a new set, and it WON’T be another Insignia. I’m at the point of taking a sledge hammer to this one.

  5. Mines doing the exact same thing too. 55” Amazon insignia tv, Not quite a year and a half old. I actually got it to come back on after lots of unplugging and waiting and clicking and holding the power button. I then deleted apps bc my storage was full and worried that was related but it worked another day and then back to doing the same thing. Flashes an image of the screen when I first turn it on, I can hear it clicking through the menus on the remote, but otherwise black and slow blinking blue light at the power spot. I tried multiple outlets. No luck again. Super disappointing.

  6. My Insignia smart tv with Prime is doing the same. First it just went blank when I switched to cable, then the picture got dark and when I tried to turn it off and back on again, the picture was black. This tv is less than 3 years old and definitely my last Insignia.

  7. Just bought a new insignia tv. 65inch. It’s going back. Blue screen on third day. Did all the suggestions to fix. Nothing worked. It’s going back and I’m getting a different brand. So frustrating

  8. Horrible tv. Having the same issues and the tv is less that 3 years old. Never again buying Insignia!!!! Ours is a 65’ and going to trash now!!

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