3 Ways to Fix Walmart Can’t Verify Your Address

walmart can't verify address
walmart can’t verify address

Walmart, the largest retail corporation in the world, followed not so closely by Amazon and Costco, operates an enormous chain of department stores that offer the best prices for an almost infinite range of products.

Selling pretty much every kind of product in the market today, from onion ring flavoured cheeseburgers to Huggle slipper socks, through groceries and musical instruments, Walmart is a reference of presence in the U.S. territory.

Also, as Walmart operates under different names in other countries, customers will also be likely to experience the same variety of products in stores such as Best Price in India, Asda in the U.K, and Seiyu Group in Japan.

With almost 12,000 stores spread throughout 28 countries, the retail giant led the founder’s family into becoming the richest family in the world.

Founded in 1962 by Sam Walton, who also ran the company until his death in 1992, Walmart employs over 2.3 million people around the globe, which makes it the largest privately employed workforce in the world.

the company has consolidated its top position

Throughout the years, the company has consolidated its top position, reaching a point in which the second place in the competition has yearly profits that are still US$100 billion behind Walmart’s.

When Sam Walton took his first steps into developing what would become this retail giant, he acquired a branch of a Ben Franklin convenience store.

By finding suppliers that could deliver the same, or at least a quite similar quality of products for a lower price, he could pass that discount on to his customers and make a huge profit on amount of sales.

In a time when everyone else had their minds set on profit margins, Sam Walton took a step into building his large empire with a simple solution.

What Sort Of Problems Can Walmart Customers Face Online?

What Sort Of Problems Can Walmart Customers Face Online

Apart from constant outages, according to complaints made by a number of Walmart online customers, buyers also have to face a series of issues upon attempting to purchase products through the company’s virtual shops.

As it has been reported, delays and tracking issues are also quite common, especially further from urban areas. Also, the providers seem not to care that much about keeping customers posted about delivery problems, which leads to occasional disappointing experiences.

Nevertheless, even with all the issues, the number of Walmart’s online customers keeps growing by the day.

What seems to be the most accepted explanation is the fact that customers also have a generally faulty online shopping experience with the competition too – though this isn’t necessarily to be taken as a win for Walmart.

the address verification on Walmart’s website

Most recently, though, the issue seems to have turned to the address verification on Walmart’s website. As it goes, customers could find the products they were looking for and go through the whole shopping process without a single issue -until the address verification step.

At that point, they would face messages saying, “the address doesn´t look familiar”, “Walmart can’t verify your address” or even “Please make sure it’s correct”.

problems customers face with their online shopping attempts

Should you find yourself amongst those customers, bear with us as we go through all the necessary info you need to get around this issue. Not only we will walk you through the most common problems customers face with their online shopping attempts, but we will also offer you easy ways to fix it.

So, without further ado, here is what you should do in the event Walmart shopping webpages cannot verify your address.

Troubleshooting Walmart Can’t Verify My Address?

Why does it happen in the first place?

As it has been stated by the company representants, the address verification issue might happen when customers attempt to verify an address that does not perfectly match the information in Walmart address database.

That is to say, typos, abbreviations, incomplete or invalid addresses will not be identified by Walmart system as they are not the same as the ones input on the database.

For sure, you do not wish to see the products you bought online delivered to someone else – and for that matter, neither does Walmart. So, what can you do should you find yourself facing this same issue?

  1. Make Sure To Validate Your Correct Address

Make Sure To Validate Your Correct Address

It might be extremely disappointing to find out your shopping experience, which was going well so far, is hindered by an invalid address issue. As explained before, the delivery address has to be exactly as registered within Walmart’s address database.

Nothing else will do. That means you have to make sure all the required info is input when you choose the address to which you want your purchase delivered. Should you attempt to add all the necessary info and still face the error messages, make sure to correct the information found on Walmart’s website.

Go to the address registration section and make sure to have the street and house number, city, and postal code added to your address’ details. While you are there, make sure to check for possible typos or misspellings as well, as those could cause the validation issue to happen even with a correctly input address.

  1. Check Walmart Address Database For The Correct Info

Check Walmart Address Database For The Correct Info

In the event you experience the validation address issue when attempting to shop online on Walmart webpage, you can also check their database for the ‘correct’ info.

That is to say, even if, for you, the info typed into the delivery address field is perfectly correct, should it not match the exact info in Walmart’s address database, the products will never leave the shelf.

Therefore, make sure to check Walmart address database to find how they input the info on your exact address and insert those details in the delivery address field. That way, Walmart’s system will be able to identify the delivery address and send the purchased products your way in no time.

  1. Make Sure To Validate Your Actual Address

Make Sure To Validate Your Actual Address

As you do not want to keep having to go through the same problems every time you try to shop online with Walmart, make sure to validate your actual address.

You might not always remember the little differences between what you typed and Walmart address database info, so a good way around it is to validate the delivery address as you would have typed it.

However, although the validation procedure looks simple and quick, many customers have reported to face problems upon attempting to insert their addresses into the company’s database.

Should you experience the same problems, make sure to contact Walmart customer support and have them input it for you.

As they have full access to the database and are used to dealing with all sorts of delivery issues, they will surely be able to help you validating your actual address. This should give you a better shopping experience from this point on.

In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

Even though the address validation issue causes a huge disappointment in customers, there are a few ways around it. The best thing is that all the ways mentioned herein are quite easy and won’t take too much of your time.

Also, once you find a way around the address verification issue, the following shopping experiences won’t be as problematic – or at least, it won’t be your fault if they are.

So, go ahead and check you input the correct info in the delivery address field or, if not, check how Walmart has input your address in their database.

have a customer support professional

Alternatively, you can have a customer support professional aid you in inserting your correct address in their database, so that the next time you go shopping online you won’t have to face the same issue.

On a final note, should you come across any other easy ways to go around the address validation issue with Walmart online shopping, make sure to let us know.

Drop a message in the comments section and help your fellow readers have a better, and definitely not disappointing, online shopping experience with this retail supergiant.

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