Linksys: IP Address Not In Valid Subnet (4 Ways To Fix)

ip address not in valid subnet linksys
ip address not in valid subnet linksys

Well, Linksys is making some of the best appliances and their inventory is being extended each day with more and more products being added to their portfolio. You need to understand that Linksys is not just a company that makes modems or routers but there are tons of other products as well that are being offered from them including IP cameras, security alarms, and similar devices.

A common error that people face while they are setting up their IP cameras on their Linksys router is “IP Address not in Valid Subnet”. If you are facing the same error message and you want to find a workaround for this, here is how you can do it.

Linksys: IP Address Not In Valid Subnet

1) Check DHCP settings

DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is the network management protocol that assigns dynamic IP Addresses to all the devices that are connected to the network. This way, not only the communication is done better, but it adds an additional layer of security to the network since all the devices are being assigned random IP Addresses dynamically and that will be the perfect thing that one can have on their network.

However, if you are facing the error mentioned above, you need to check the local router IP Subnet first under the Local Network and then going to the DHCP server.

2) Disable DHCP

If you are unable to make it work, you should try one step further and disable the DHCP as a whole. Linksys routers have these options and that way, you will be able to ensure that the IP is not being changed dynamically, and that way you can enter the right IP address under the LAN subnet that the camera needs to work.

This is most certainly going to work for you, given that you are able to enter the right IP for the camera port.

3) Open the Port

Another step that is usually ignored while setting up such appliances and devices is that you also need that specific port opened if you are trying to get it connected. Most of the time, these error messages are caused because the port is not opened and you are trying to enter the IP Address for that specific port.

So, make sure that you have opened the right port and then enter its IP Address in the optimization settings. This will make it work perfectly for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing afterward.

4) Make Sure that Camera is Reset

Another important thing to remember here is that the camera you are using should not be connected to some other network or needs to be reset properly. So, make sure that you reset the camera by pulling out its power cord for a minute or two, or using the physical reset button if any on the router. That will make it work perfectly for you and after a reset, you can connect the camera again with the Wi-Fi connection and link it with your Linksys router without having to face any sorts of issues on it.

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