4 Ways To Fix Netgear Address Reservation Not Working

netgear address reservation not working
netgear address reservation not working

Netgear is certainly the most advanced manufacturer for the smaller Wi-Fi routers that are performance-oriented and there are no second thoughts about it. It is simply packed with tons and tons of features that make it worth and Address Reservation is one such feature.

Address Reservation allows you to reserve the IP Addresses for specific devices so that they are on the static addresses only for better flow of traffic and more stable connectivity. The feature helps greatly for gaming and similar stuff when you need low pings. If you are having some troubles with the Address Reservation Feature, here is how you can fix it up.

Netgear Address Reservation Not Working

1. Restart the Router

The first thing that you should do is to restart your router, in order to fix any bugs or temporary errors that might have stopped the address reservation feature from working. Running a power cycle will be rebooting all the hardware components and firmware so any such issues are cleared.

All the features including address reservation will boot again and it will start working after you have restarted the router from scratch. You can restart the router by using the power button on the back, or simply plugging out the power chord and plugging it back after a few seconds.

2. Reset the router

Another thing that you need to try is resetting the router as there might be some settings that you have mistakenly messed up and they can cause you to have issues with your address reservation feature not working on the router.

A proper reset will ensure that the factory settings are optimized on your Netgear router, allowing you to enjoy seamless connectivity and access to all the possible features that you can see on the router interface including address reservation.

3. Update the firmware

If you have tried a reset and restart and the router is still not working for you, then you need to step it up a bit and check on the firmware. There might be some issues with the firmware that you are using like bugs or errors or it might be the outdated version of the firmware.

You can trigger an update on the firmware by resetting the router once, or simply clicking on the update firmware button in the advanced settings section on the router login interface and that will fix up all issues that you might be facing on your router of this sort.

4. Get Netgear Genie Application

Another great thing about the Netgear Genie application in addition to allowing you extended controls is that it is a highly effective tool for diagnosing problems and offering you the right fit for them. So, install the application and run a diagnosis on the router settings.

You will see the reason behind your Address Reservation feature not working and you can also get it fixed in no time at all using the same application since now you know what was causing you all the trouble.

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