Obihai IP Address Not Available: 7 Ways To Fix

obihai ip address not available
obihai ip address not available

Communication is an essential part of everyone’s life, and Obihai is all about analog telephone adapters. These adapters connect the push-button phones to Google Voice through wireless or wired connections. With this being said, some users are struggling with Obihai IP Address not available whenever they place a call. So, let’s see how it can be fixed!

Obihai IP Address Not Available

1) Connection Issues

First of all, there are chances that the Obihai is not connected to the router properly. With this being said, you need to check that all connections are tight and secure. We suggest that you login to the official Obihai website and check the connection status. For instance, there are chances that someone might have mishandled the router, and the connection got loose. Once you optimize the connections, it will be easier to connect, and the IP address error will be resolved.

2) Modem

According to the officials, the users have been struggling with the router issues. For this purpose, we suggest that you connect the Obihai directly to the modem (yes, the cable modem). As a result, when you connect to the cable modem, it will be able to capture the IP address through the DHCP. So, connect to the cable modem!

3) Firmware

If connecting directly to the cable modem didn’t work out for you, we suggest that you check for the firmware update. The firmware update is usually available on the official Obihai website. So, sign up on the website and see if there is an update. If the update is available, download and install it, and we are pretty sure that the IP address issue will be resolved. On the other hand, you can also update the firmware by dialing ***6. Lastly, once the firmware is installed in the modem and Obihai, don’t forget to reboot the devices.

4) Reboot

In some cases, all your modem and devices need is a reboot. With this being said, we suggest that you switch off the Obihai as well as the modem and router. After the reboot, the connection will be streamlined, and you will be able to bypass the IP address issue. Also, we suggest that you wait for at least five minutes before plugging in the power cables again.

5) Cables

When it comes down to the IP address issue, it is highly likely because the devices are not receiving the right signals. For this purpose, you will need to check the cable connections and look for damages or chewing. If you observe the damages, replace the cables, and the issue will be resolved. Lastly, make sure that all the cables are connected properly.

6) Sockets

In addition to the cables, there might be chances of voltage issues with the power source. So, we suggest that you try changing the socket or plug the Obihai in some other socket. As a result, the IP address error will be resolved when your hardware gets the optimal signals.

7) Connectors

For everyone who is using a connector with their Obihai and modems, they need to know that it can disrupt the signals and lead to such errors. So, we suggest that you either remove the connector or replace it with a new one for better results!

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