Vizio TV: Picture Too Big For Screen (3 Ways To Fix)

vizio tv picture too big for screen
vizio tv picture too big for screen

Vizio TV offers tons of exclusive features for you, and its picture quality is among some of the best TV manufacturers out there. Their TVs feature Quantum Colors so that will make the whole experience a lot more vibrant for you.

But that experience is only possible if the picture fits the screen perfectly. That is why you need to make sure, you are getting the right picture size on the screen as well. If the picture is too big for your screen, here are a few things that you can do to fix it.

Vizio TV: Picture Too Big For Screen

1) Restart

First things first, and the Vizio TV automatically adjusts the resolution and aspect ratio for your display to provide you with the best possible experience through streaming all sorts of media and TV channels. So, if you are getting some problem with the TV streaming, or some other media source on your TV and the picture is too big for the screen like the corners are being cut out due to it.

You will need to restart your TV once. After a reboot, your TV will automatically be adjusting these settings for you and all the problems that you were facing earlier with your picture getting out of the screen will be fixed.

2) Check Settings

Another thing that you can do is to manually set the screen aspect ratio optimally so that it is not causing any sorts of problems with the whole experience. There is not much that you will have to do and it is pretty simple to optimize.

To do that, you need to press the menu button on your remote. Once there, navigate to the system menu and then press the OK key on your remote. Under the system menu, you will find the option to set the aspect ratio for your Vizio TV.

Here, you will find the option to leave it on auto or manually adjust the aspect ratio for your Vizio TV display. It is better to keep the auto feature on, as that will automatically fit the picture for you. This is the best thing to have if you are using multiple input sources with your Vizio TV.

However, you can also try out different aspect ratio settings for your Vizio TV and select what is best suited with the input source you are using and your screen size. Once you find the best aspect ratio, you need to save it and that will optimally make it work for you.

3) Check Resolution on Input Source

There are also chances that you might be using some external device like a laptop or some other gaming console as the input source for your Vizio TV. In such cases, you need to be mindful about the resolution that is on your device as well.

So, make sure that you are setting the resolution on the device that is supported on your display and that will help you out in solving the problem for good.

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