Vizio Smartcast Is Starting Up, Please Wait Stuck Error: 5 Fixes

vizio smartcast is starting up please wait stuck
vizio smartcast is starting up please wait stuck

Having control over the entertainment unit is important, and that’s why people opt for Vizio SmartCast. It is basically the app that allows the users to control the entertainment through Android devices.

In addition, the users can discover TV shows and movies. Some users are complaining about Vizio SmartCast starting up stuck error, so let’s have a look at the troubleshooting methods!

Vizio Smartcast Is Starting Up, Please Wait Stuck Error

1) Internet Connection

For the most part, this issue occurs because of the unstable internet connection. Vizio SmartCast needs a stable internet connection for proper functionality. So, you’ve to ensure that the internet connection is working fine. In the first place, you have to reboot the internet router because it will refresh the internet signals, and the internet connection will perform better.

In case rebooting the internet router doesn’t work, you can connect to another available internet connection. Again, if another internet connection isn’t available, we suggest that you connect directly to the modem/router as it cuts out the signal interferences.

2) Power Cycle

If you are using the Vizio TV and struggling with the issue on Vizio SmartCast, you have to power cycle the Vizio TV. For power cycling, switch off the TV by unplugging the power cable. Also, you have to switch off the modem and router as well. Once everything is switched off, wait for one minute before you insert the power cables. After switching on the Vizio TV, switch on Vizio SmartCast, and the connectivity will be streamlined.

3) Soft Power Cycle

In case you don’t want to take out the power cables, you can opt for the soft power cycle. The soft power cycle is different than the previously-mentioned power cycle. For the soft power cycle, hit the menu button and move to the system. From the system, open the reset and admin option and choose the soft power cycle. It will ask for confirmation, so hit the yes button for confirmation. That being said, the Vizio SmartCast will reboot, and the error will be fixed.

4) Factory Reset

The power cycles are the soft solutions, so you can opt for factory reset. The factory reset will delete all the settings, so it’s one step ahead. Coming to the point, for factory resetting the Vizio SmartCast, you have to open the menu by pressing the menu button on the remote and move to the system. From the system, choose the rest and admin option and tap on “reset TV to factory settings.” As a result, the Vizio SmartCast will be reset, and all the errors will be fixed.

5) HDMI 1

Switching the Vizio TV to HDMI 1 can resolve the issue pretty well. If you don’t know how to switch to HDMI 1, look for the input selection controls on the remote control, and you will be able to see the available inputs. From the available inputs, choose HDMI 1, and the error will be resolved. When you change the input settings, there are high chances that Vizio TV will reboot, so you don’t need to worry.

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