Vizio TV Broadcasting As An Unsecured WiFi Hotspot: 5 Fixes

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While technology has revolutionized the world in every possible manner ranging from business to education, communication, and even entertainment, we are seeing some marvels of technology in every field. Entertainment is a major part of our everyday life that provides us relaxation from the tiredness that you can get from the daily chores. Not only that, but you also get to have some time with yourself watching some movie that you have waited for, listening to your favorite music, and a lot more.

Vizio TV is one such brand that reshapes the way you look at TV or entertainment at your home. They are offering a complete range of devices for you that would enhance your screening experience at home. Including a wide range of smart TVs with different sizes, you also get to enjoy multiple soundbars and SmartCast devices from them. Vizio offers premium quality on all their products that collectively make to an experience that you are never going to forget.

Vizio TV Broadcasting As An Unsecured WiFi Hotspot

Vizio TV smart cast broadcasts the data for you over a Wi-Fi connection so you can stream the data on multiple devices. Even the speakers use Wi-Fi connectivity on Vizio to provide you the most immersive audio experience that is unmatched in the industry. However, you can sometimes find Vizio to be broadcasting as an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot. This is nothing alarming for you as this just means that network security is not up to the par. If you are in your home, there are seldom chances that someone might try to hack into the connection. There is no sensitive information either if you are just streaming the TV so it should be alright.

But if you are feeling a bit concerned about it, and want to have it fixed so the message does not say unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot. There are a few things that you can do to take care of the issue.

1) Restart your Device

The first thing to do would be to restart your device. It should fix up the issue for you most of the time. If you have started seeing this error message recently, that means there are some settings that are messing up with the device Wi-Fi and they will be fixed upon restarting.

2) Check for any recent applications

If you have recently installed some new application on your SmartTV that requires access to Wi-Fi Settings. That application might be the culprit here and could be using your settings to change the Wi-Fi security protocols. You need to uninstall that particular application or void the access to Wi-Fi settings and it should start working for you like before.

3) Check network security settings

The best thing to do with checks your network security settings. Here you will find a range of network protocols that you can select from to encrypt your hotspot communication. You can select WEP or WPA2 from the list and have a password on the hotspot so your broadcast can be secure with the right encryption on it.

4) Update Firmware

There are also some chances that your firmware might have developed some bug or error that might be causing you to not being able to encrypt your hotspot. In such cases, you will need to connect your Smart Tv to the internet and have the software updated. Developers constantly roll out these updates so you can have the latest features and they also fix any bugs and errors for you. Ensure that you always have the latest version of the firmware on your Smart TV to stay secure and entertained.

5) Contact Vizio Support

The best thing about Vizio is that they are offering an excellent customer support service. They have a team of well trained and experienced support staff that can help you out of any situation that you might be facing with your equipment. With that being said, contacting them will be able to help you with the issue. If the problem still persists, you can also request a technician and they will be happy to assist you by looking into it in person and solving the problem for you. Vizio support can be reached through phone and email.

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