Verizon Winback: Who Gets The Offer?

verizon winback
verizon winback

Seeing the technology touching higher and higher sky levels, the demands of people have also become greater. Everyone wants to be in a better place than the other and wants to use the latest technologies. In the field of telecommunication and wireless internet connection, people prefer using the Wi-Fi service brand that offers super-fast internet speeds along with widespread coverage connection. The market has become so thick with all of the different brands presenting customers with various different offers including Verizon Winback.

If you don’t know what does it mean by Verizon Winback, just sit back and grab your reading glasses. In this article, we are going to take you on a short drive to Verizon Winback. Read on to know all about Winback and all your doubts and questions will be answered here.

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is nothing but a subsidiary of the popular Verizon Company, Verizon Communications, which comes on the second position of the largest telecom brands of the United States. The company sells various wireless telecom services to the people who like to have to speed fast access to services that include voice calls, text messages, the internet, as well as several different products related to these services.

Verizon Winback

Verizon Winback means exactly what it sounds like. Verizon Winback is basically a department of Verizon that works to brings back Verizon’s former users to the Verizon network. The department is responsible for monitoring the customers’ feedback and complaints that they make regarding Verizon’s services. It also makes sure the customers don’t leave the Verizon network and their problems are solved as soon as possible. The department was basically formed to Winback all the former Verizon customers who leave their services due to any reason.

Verizon Winback Offers

The Verizon Winback department brings back older Verizon customers to the network by offering them several different offers and packages. These packages and offers are not fixed but they vary with customers’ demands. The Verizon Winback offers are created differently for all the different customers as per their likings. Verizon Winback offers to depend upon what the customer desires. So, this is not really possible to compare the Verizon Winback offer given to one former customer with the other presented to the other one.

Who Gets Verizon Winback Offer?

Not all the Verizon customers get this Verizon Winback offers. The Verizon Winback department monitors the activities of customers and itself takes the initial step of contacting the former customer. The department contacts the former Verizon customers who leave the Verizon services and presents them with various Verizon Winback offers basically to win them over and bring them back on the Verizon Network. Yet it is not necessary that all the former customers are contacted by the department. You can say it’s the game of one’s luck as the Verizon Winback offers are pretty great.


We hope the above-written information about Verizon Winback will be enough to answer all your related questions about Winback.

7 thoughts on “Verizon Winback: Who Gets The Offer?”

  1. I tried to call Verizon to learn about win back offer but after waiting 30 minutes, I gave up!!! The Verizon store gave me the phone number but it was not in service! Tried another number and waited 30 mins!ha
    I want to switch back after less than 60 days of leaving.lea
    Can you help?

  2. I tried several times to contact win back with no success. I left Verizon about four months ago and want to see how to rejoin. My contact number is 225-953-2814. Please call me as soon as possible.

  3. I left Verizon about 3 months or so ago and want to come back. My son enticed me to join him at T-Mobile and this service is not any where at your level. I want to come back and went to the store that was open and they gave me a number to call for the Winback program. The office is closed. So I need some guidance in doing this since the store cannot help me.

  4. Probably not going to win this customer back either. There are other choices. the wait is way to long. My reason for leaving in the first place was customer services

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