Verizon Could Not Parse The Name Card: 3 Fixes

verizon could not parse the name card
verizon could not parse the name card

The world has taken a technological turn, and the smartphones in your hand are the pivot of it. Smartphones are handy, but when some issue erupts in its functioning, it makes the user panic. For instance, Verizon users are facing the problem of user cards not being parsed.

This problem has bothered the user in the past with their smartphones, and the issue still lingers around. If it is bothering you too, we got your back here. We have enlisted some effective troubleshooting techniques to help you out of this dilemma.

Verizon Could Not Parse The Name Card

1) Is My Phone The Issue? 

It might be that phones usually get mal-functioned if overused. It throws issues like this to you and users who do not know why it gets worried. You have to hold that power button on your phone and turn the phone off. Please give it a rest and power on it. If you still face the same issue, go to setting then to app management, and force stop the app with problem parsing. Restart the phone after it, and your case might vanish.

2) The Issue Is Still There After The Power Cycle?

If the issue still rattles around, do not worry. Maybe the app is not updated. Go to the respective app store on your device and check if the app is updated to the date. If it is not, update it. In case there is an update pending, but the phone is still not updating, your device needs an update now. Go to setting, then go to about; manually update the phone you have. After this, you will be able to update the app now. Do it, and the problem might solve.

3) Is There Any Bug Or Virus That I Causing This?

Since you have tried almost everything, the device may be having issues due to a bug or some virus. Go to setting and reset your phone. Ps: remember to back up the data before trying this method because resetting washes away all the data. After you have reset your phone, it is possible that that issue might have gone by now. The virus or bugs corrupt the system and disable apps from doing their functions properly. So, this way forward may help you out.

If all the techniques mentioned above have not helped you, contact the Verizon customer care system and report the problem. They have a quick response team and will erase the pain for you in no time.  


The method enumerated above are well researched and widely helped. The methods ought to help you, too, as it has helped others. These issues are common in the smartphone world, so please do not be furious and do not panic. We are here to help you out, and hopefully, the troubleshooting methods giving will assist you.

For further queries and questions, hit the comment section provided below for your help and assistance. Your representatives will love to help and answer your call as soon as possible.

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