4 Fixes For UniFi Flex Mini Not Showing Up For Adoption

unifi flex mini not showing up for adoption
unifi flex mini not showing up for adoption

Many people desire a stable and capable network, and users will go to great lengths to maximize the capacity of their network. Having said that, the Unifi Flex Mini is an effective way to expand your managed network. The Unifi Flex Mini switch will provide you with an efficient and fast wired connection to improve the performance of your network.

Regardless of its features, the Flex Mini can be frustrating when it comes to connection or adoption issues. However, users have reported that when attempting to adopt the switch, the Unifi Flex Mini does not show up for adoption error occurs. As a result, we’ll go over some solutions to this problem.

Fixing UniFi Flex Mini Not Showing Up For Adoption

  1. Device Linked To Another Controller:

Users purchase brand new Unifi Flex Mini devices as well as pre-owned devices. If your Flex Mini was previously owned and you are attempting to connect it to your Unifi controller, your device may be still linked to the previous controller. In that case, you must isolate it from any previous controllers to which the device was linked.

The Flex Mini can be easily fixed by performing a factory reset. Though it may appear frightening, if your device is not adapting to the controller, there are no settings currently residing in it, so a factory reset is safe. Take your Flex Mini switch and look for the reset button. Do not turn off the switch while holding down the button for several seconds. When the switch is turned on, the LED should blink in the following order: blue – white – off. Your switch has been returned to its original factory settings.

  1. Check The Compatibility:

The mini flex is typically plugged into your Unifi system’s PoE input, allowing you to confirm a connection by looking at the LED lights on the switch. One thing to keep in mind is that the switch must be compatible with the PoE input. Often, the specifications of both switches do not match, resulting in an adoption failure. You can confirm compatibility by consulting their respective manuals.

  1. Hardware Fault:

Many users have complained that when they connect the switch to the input, a static blue light appears. This is very unlikely to happen with a brand new switch, as it usually happens when your Flex Mini is or has been connected to another controller. As a result, try inserting another new Flex Mini into the PoE and checking the device’s status. This rules out the possibility of a hardware failure:

  1. Check The Version Of Your Controller:

Compatibility issues can be quite frustrating at times, as users appear to focus on more complicated solutions rather than starting from scratch. After ensuring that your Flex Mini is compatible with the PoE switch, you should also verify that your controller supports the Flex Mini. Adopting your switch typically necessitates a controller version of 5.12.5 or higher. Check to see if your controller has a compatible version.

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