Unifi Cloud Key Adoption Failed? Try These 4 Fixes

unifi cloud key adoption failed
unifi cloud key adoption failed

One of the most frequently searched queries about the Cloud Key is Cloud Key UniFi adoption failure. There isn’t a long list of potential causes for this problem, but one of the most likely is a problem with your UniFi controller configuration or your Cloud Key configuration.

That being said, some configuration changes you may have made (for example, changing the IP address) typically cause this problem. As a result, if you’re looking for some simple and beginner-friendly solutions to this problem, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be going through some troubleshooting steps to resolve the adoption failure issue.

Unifi Cloud Key Adoption Failed Fix:

  1. Firmware Mismatch:

One of the most common causes of Cloud Key adoption issues is a firmware mismatch. If your UniFi access point is running the most recent version and your UniFi cloud controller is running an older firmware version, it will cause a Cloud Key adoption issue. As a result, ensure that the controller, access points, and UniFi Cloud Key firmware are all updated to the most recent versions.

  1. Reset The Unifi Cloud Key:

When you update your controller, your UniFi access points may be still managed by the old controller, resulting in a conflict when attempting to communicate with the controller via the Cloud Key. To rule out this possibility, you must perform a factory reset on the Cloud Key device.

Find the reset button on the Cloud Key and press it with a paperclip or other sharp object. After that, turn off the Cloud Key and then turn on your device by plugging it into a power source. Hold the button down until the LED light displays a similar pattern (blue – off – white).

  1. Restore Configuration From The Backup:

Many users are perplexed by the Cloud Key and the UniFi cloud controller’s functionality. One thing to keep in mind is that the cloud controller is a controller in and of itself, so you don’t need an UniFi controller and a Cloud Key installed on your PC at the same time. To complete the adoption of the Cloud Key on the UniFi network, you can either factory reset it and reconfigure it again, or you can restore the configuration backup on the Cloud Key.

Go to your controller’s Settings and select the Maintenance option. Next, select the Backup option and save the settings only in a location where you can quickly access them. Log in to your Cloud Key and turn off the UniFi controller. Go to Settings, click the Maintenance tab, and then restore the previous backup.

  1. Adopt Cloud Key Via SSH:

SSH is useful for establishing a secure tunnel for communication between local and remote hosts. You can also use SSH to adopt your Cloud Key. However, you may encounter username and password errors while carrying out the procedure. So, by going to Settings, you can see your credentials.  Select the Site option in the Settings and navigate to the Device Authentication section. Make sure to check the box next to Enable SSH authentication.

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