3 Things To Do If UniFi Cloud Access Not Compatible With OS Architecture

unifi cloud access not compatible with os architecture
unifi cloud access not compatible with os architecture

UniFi access points are an excellent addition to any home network. They not only extend the network’s range but also improve network speed and capacity. UniFi has been able to satisfy its users with its amazing services over the last few years, but it has also been plagued by network and performance issues.

Keeping this in mind, UniFi requires specific software to ensure that the performance of the UniFi system is optimal. However, one of the most frequently reported issues is that UniFi cloud access is not compatible with OS architecture. As a result, we will lose some options for resolving this problem.

UniFi Cloud Access Not Compatible With OS Architecture:

  1. Java Software Issue:

To function properly, the controller of an UniFi access point requires Java 8. Without going into detail about why the Ubiquiti controller uses Java, let us just say that the UniFi, like other devices, requires Java as software to operate smoothly and function. As a result, one of the most common causes of your OS architecture issue when attempting to enable cloud access is a java software version issue.

Go to your device’s Settings and navigate to the Maintenance section. Move your mouse around until you find the Backup option. This will download a backup of your device’s settings only. You must then uninstall both the UniFi and the java software from your device. Make sure to delete any junk files so they don’t interfere with future downloads. Install Java 8 64bit and UniFi again. Next, import your settings backup and retry.

  1. Controller Running As A Service:

Most people have no idea what service on their computer is. So here’s the deal. A service is an application that runs in the background but does not require the user’s attention. However, if you’ve configured your UniFi controller as a service, you won’t need to run the UniFi network application because it acts as a direct replacement for the network application.

However, there is one factor to consider when setting up cloud access that is most likely causing the OS architecture error. The Java editions. To enable cloud access, you must have both the 64bit and 84bit versions of JRE installed. Make sure your device has both versions installed on it, and this should solve your problem.

  1. Restart The Controller:

Most of the time, it is java software that is causing the OS architecture issue on your UniFi controller. When you install the appropriate Java version, make sure to restart your UniFi controller so that it can recognize the software. Close all apps and restart the device to avoid the java real-time reliance problem. If the problem persists, try downgrading your Java version and seeing if that helps. You can also contact UniFi support and describe your problem on their forums. You will most likely find a solution that is appropriate for your situation.

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