5 Approaches To Fix TiVo Voice Remote Not Working

tivo voice remote not working
tivo voice remote not working

TiVo is one of the best brands for people who need DVRs to stay updated on their TV shows and watch the latest episodes even if they cannot catch them when they release. This is because the DVR automatically records the new episodes and stores it for later watch. These DVRs are designed with remote controls to have better control over the DVR functions. However, there are instances when users start complaining about the TiVo Voice remote not working, but we have all the solutions you need!

TiVo Voice Remote Not Working

1. Software Version

First of all, you have to check the TiVo DVR version because the version has to be updated to ensure it supports the functionality of the remote control. You can connect your TiVo Voice to the internet and log into the account with the help of TiVo account details.

When you are logged into the TiVo account, you will be able to see the software version that you are currently using and download the software version if it’s not installed. You can download the software update from the TiVo website and connect the remote control again. Once the DVR is working with the latest software version, the remote will work fine.

2. Pairing Mode

The second reason behind TiVo Voice remote not working is the issue with pairing. Keep in mind that TiVo DVR has to be paired with the remote control for it to navigate properly. That being said, you should check the remote control pairing by following these instructions;

  • Open the menu on your TiVo Voice DVR and open the settings
  • Move down to the remote, cablecard, and devices
  • Tap on the remote control setup option
  • Scroll down to remote control pairing, and the pairing will be initiated. The pairing process is automated, and once it’s done, try using the remote control again

3. Reboot

There are high chances that something is wrong with TiVo Voice’s software configurations that are causing functionality issues with the remote control. That being said, you should switch off your TiVo DVR for five minutes and switch it on. When the DVR turns on (wait for the green light to flash on the front of the DVR), pair it with the remote control again, and it will start working. This is because the reboot can optimize the software configuration errors.

4. Internet Connection

TiVo Voice is a DVR that has to be connected to the internet to work properly. Having said that, if the internet connection is working properly, the DVR will not function, and the remote control won’t respond. We suggest that you reboot the internet router and modem to improve the strength of internet signals.

When the internet connects again, you can try using the remote control. Keep in mind that once the DVR is connected to an active internet connection, it will pair well with the remote control, and the remote control response will be optimized.

5. Batteries

Last but not least, you must check the batteries of the TiVo Voice remote control because the older batteries fail to perform. Once you install new batteries, you will be able to use the remote control without any hindrance.

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