Netgear GTV100 Remote Not Working: 6 Ways To Fix

netgear gtv100 remote not working
netgear gtv100 remote not working

When it comes down to Netgear products, GTV100 is one of the most used products. It is NeoTV Prime which uses Google TV and comes with the remote. The remote control helps change the channels and volumes on the cable box. However, Netgear GTV100 remote not working issue has been persistent and we have outlined the troubleshooting methods!

Netgear GTV100 Remote Not Working

1) Clean It Up

First of all, the remote is not going to work if the internal components of the remote aren’t clean. With this being said, you need to unscrew the remote control and clean up the keypad. That’s to say because there shouldn’t be any corrosion and humidity in the internal parts of the remotes. So, just clean up the internal components and it will help streamline the remote’s workability.

2) Range

In some cases, the remote doesn’t work because the cable box is not in the correct range. To begin with, people tend to put the players in the cabinet. So, we suggest that you place the player in the open area since it positively influences the wireless connectivity. Once the remote is in closer proximity with the player, the remote will work optimally. In addition, the range information is usually added to the user manual, so check that!

3) Connections

Many people don’t pay heed to the internet connections when it comes down to the cable boxes. However, it might be the reason that your device isn’t properly connected to the internet. So, you need to ensure that GTV100 has a stable internet connection and the remote will start working as well. This is essential because if the GTV100 is not working, pressing the buttons on the remote isn’t going to help either.

4) Power

It doesn’t matter which remote you are using; it’s always utilized through batteries and it needs batteries to power and work. So, if the GTV100 remote is not working, there are chances that batteries are not working properly. First of all, we suggest that you take out the batteries and try to place them correctly. If the batteries are already placed correctly, we suggest that you change the batteries because low-power batteries will not work properly.

5) Re-Pairing

In some cases, the remote only works properly if it is properly connected. For this purpose, we suggest that you re-pair the remote to GTV100 because it helps eliminate the possible connectivity and configuration issues. For re-pairing, the remote, press the reset button on GTV100 for around two seconds and the pairing notification will pop on the TV.

Now, you need to press ad hold the fast forward and rewind button for five seconds continuously and it will connect the remote to GTV100 again. As a result, the successful pairing message will appear on the TV screen and it will start working properly.

6) Hardware

If none of the troubleshooting methods seem to work out the issue, we suggest that you replace the remote. That’s to say because hardware issues cannot be resolved by troubleshooting methods, so replacing the remote is the only choice left out!

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