TiVo 30 Second Skip Hack – How To Do It?

tivo 30 second skip hack
tivo 30 second skip hack

When it comes down to consuming content, DVRs have become a promising choice. This is because they have become a convenient way of watching TV, but the users have often complained about never-ending commercials. For this reason, TiVo 30 second skip hack has become an apt choice for skipping the commercials, so let’s see what it is all about!

TiVo 30 Second Skip Hack

For the longest time, people have been fast-forwarding through the commercials, but the 30-second hack is the perfect choice as you can blaze through the three and five clicks on the remote. However, many people have a hard time manipulating the arrow buttons, at least at the start. On the other hand, a 30-second skip hack is a promising choice for skipping the commercials and is timed to skip through the commercials.

For the most part, the TV commercials are more than thirty seconds long, so you can press the 30-second skip button three to four times for skipping the commercials. Truth be told, it’s one of the most effective features, but it has stirred up controversies within the communication and entertainment networks. This is because various brands have started labeling this skipping as theft and have also sued the company.

To use the feature on TiVo, you can use the forward arrow button to skip to the program’s end, but if you are already at the end, it will bring you to the program’s beginning. On the other hand, if you are using the fast forward mode, the forward arrow button will shift you to the next program. Having said that, this hack is more about repurposing the button to work as the 30-second skip. To use this feature on TiVo, you can follow this sequence: select the forward error button, 3, 0, and select button.

If the sequence works, there will be three thumbs-up sound from the TiVo. In particular, the sound comes on when you press the thumbs-up button on the TiVo remote control, and the fast-forward button will skip forward by thirty seconds. However, you need to remember that this is not a permanent hack. This is because if the TiVo is rebooted or restarted, the hack will be disabled, and you will need to switch it on again.

TiVo has this feature available by default, and it is disabled. Having said that, if you turn it on and the TiVo loses power, it will be turned off again – you can simply enter the code while watching something to enable the skip option.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind

  • There is no need for a backdoor mode to use the 30-second skip option
  • For a 30-second skip to work properly, you should use at least the 2.5.1 version of TiVo OS. Usually, the update is automated, but you can manually download the update and reboot the TiVo device to install the update
  • Make sure that you always keep the TiVo devices updated for the features to work properly

So, are you ready to have a commercial-less streaming experience?

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