DNS_LAN_Redirect_Notify: Down – Restart Proxy: 3 Fixes

dns_lan_redirect_notify: down - restart proxy
dns_lan_redirect_notify: down – restart proxy

If you are interested in using an internet connection. Then your only requirement will be to contact an ISP and ask them to install their services at your home. The user can then select between several packages. All of which have different speeds and bandwidth limits. After this is all done, you can start using your internet connection without any interruption.

As for the configuration of your devices, the ISP team should do it for you. People who want to set up their devices on their own can also do so by consulting the manual. While all of this shows that the internet is amazing and easy-to-use service, there are still some issues that you can run into.

One error message that many people have reported is ‘dns_lan_redirect_notify: DOWN – restart proxy’. If you are also getting this then going through this article should help you in fixing it.

DNS_LAN_Redirect_Notify: Down – Restart Proxy

  1. Reboot Router

While using your internet connection, you might notice that it goes down for some time. If you check the logs from your ISP service, then you will notice that the error message dns_lan_redirect_notify: DOWN – restart proxy appears.

This usually means that your internet connection is having trouble trying to receive information from the network. Considering this, one simple method to fix this is by rebooting the device. You will have to keep it switched off for a few minutes before starting it back again.

This gives the system enough time to clear its memory and it might even remove the issue along with it. While there is a small chance that this will fix your problem. It is still better that you try this before getting into technical fixes.

  1. Wiring Issues

The most common reason for this error is that there is a problem with your wiring. There is a single cable that should be coming to your home, providing you with your connection. Usually, if this has not been changed in a while and you have upgraded your package.

Then the new speeds might be getting bottlenecked by your wiring. This will cause your device to run into similar errors. Considering this, simply getting your cables replaced with new ones should help in getting rid of the problem. You can contact your ISP for this and ask them to install a new set of wires for your connection.

  1. Change ISP

If the problem persists, then the issue might be with the wiring in your area. There are lots of people using the same ISP in a location where all of the data is sent to them through the ISP’s wiring. Considering this, if your internet service has not changed these cables in a long time then that might be why you are getting the problem.

While you can try asking the company to replace these wires. There is a high chance that they won’t do this unless they get a lot of requests. This is why you can change your ISP to a new one that has a better connection instead.

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