An Error Has Occurred, HBO GO Will Now Restart: 3 Fixes

an error has occurred hbo go will now restart
an error has occurred hbo go will now restart

People all around the world enjoy watching television shows and movies. This lets them stay relaxed or pass their time when they are bored. Talking about this, the standard method to get access to shows on your television was through cable services or satellites. However, nowadays companies have started to provide people with streaming applications that they can use instead.

These allow you to watch movies and shows on your device through a stable internet connection. HBO is one of the best brands that you can go for when selecting these services. Though, some users have reported getting problems with it.

One common message that you can get is ‘an error has occurred HBO Go will now restart’. If you are also getting this then here are simple steps that you can follow to fix your problem.

An Error Has Occurred, HBO GO Will Now Restart

  1. Reboot Device

The error usually indicates that the application Is having trouble trying to run on your device. Considering this, you can try to close down the program manually if it is not restarting on its own. Then starting it back up should fix the problem.

However, if it does not do this then there might be an issue with your device instead. Usually, small files are being stored on your television, mobile phone, and even computers that are used to speed up its processing time. Though, if these start to gather up then they can cause the device to run into problems instead.

The only method to manually remove these is by rebooting your device. But keep in mind that simply shutting down your equipment and starting it will not work. You have to wait for a few minutes after switching off your device, giving it enough time to remove the temporary files. Finally, you should also make a habit of power cycling your system frequently to avoid running into similar problems.

  1. Update Application

Sometimes the user might have forgotten to update their application. This is quite common as the company tends to roll out frequent patches. Although, you should keep in mind that these are released to fix problems with the service.

Alternatively, the updates might be adding new features to the application. Running the older version will most likely cause it to give you similar errors. Considering this, you can simply fix the problem by updating your application. Just make sure that there are no interruptions in your connection during the update.

  1. Internet Problems

In some cases, the HBO Go error that you are getting can be due to an issue with your internet instead. The application might simply be having trouble trying to keep a stable connection and provide you with its services.

This is why you can test your network to see if it causing the problem. If it is then you can either use a wired connection. This should be much faster than wireless but will not look as clean. On the other hand, you can try moving your router closer to the device you are using HBO Go on.

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