T-Mobile Prepaid Expiration Date Check: 2 Ways

t mobile prepaid expiration date check
t mobile prepaid expiration date check

T-Mobile is one of the cellphone carrier giants in the US that is providing great services. They started first as a post-pay service only but now they are offering some cool options like prepaid services to target a broader consumer range. The strategy is working great as it can be seen from the stats of T-Mobile consumers that are rapidly increasing ever since they opened up to offer prepaid services. While postpaid service is all about paying a monthly bill at the start of each month, prepaid services are a bit different.

You need to keep an eye on your balance as you will be charged from your account directly. That is why you never want to run short of the balance. There are certain plans on your pre-paid packages as well that you can choose and pay for them monthly, but these packages have an expiration date as well. You can have all the balance in your account and one day you can lose it all up if you didn’t care about the expiration date. This is something alarming, as you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money this way. There are certain ways that can help you keep an eye on the expiration date of your balance on T-Mobile but first, you should know how balance expires and what can you do to save it.

T-Mobile Prepaid Expiration Date Check

When you sign up for a prepaid account and pay for some services, you get a credit in your account that will allow you to make calls, use the internet, and more. This credit got an expiry date as well which is around 90 days. Whether you use the credit in this period or not, it is going to get expired.

Way to Save

But there is an excellent thing about it as well, the more you recharge, the further your expiry date extends. So, if you are closer to having your credit expired, you can recharge to have it extended and not lose the credit in your account. Now, let’s have a look at how you can check it.

1) Your T-Mobile Portal

T-Mobile got an extensive portal for you where you can access all the information about your account. This portal is online and can be accessed through their website or the mobile application. All you need to do is log in the app and keep checking it to know when your balance is being expired and you need to extend its limit by topping it up.

2) Dialing The Helpline

You will be narrated your credit when you call the helpline. This is a good way for you to learn about your credit and the expiry date if you are not so good with computers and don’t have a smartphone application. You can dial their 877 number, or simply dial 611 on your phone and you will be connected with the support. This would be the best way to keep an eye on your credit and to top it up before it can be expired.

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