3 Ways to Boost Mobile Internet (Causes and Solutions)

Boost Mobile Internet
Boost Mobile Internet

Many mobile network carriers advertise high broadband speeds for 3G and 4G connections however; there are many factors that determine how fast the connection will really perform.  The top speeds which are advertised by the mobile phone carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile and others will vary according to the company’s network and the area in which you live.  Other factors that may affect your connection also include the number of people who are using the network at any given time of the day.

So what are some of the ways you can boost your mobile Internet connection and what are some of the things you should be aware of that can affect a mobile Internet connection?

Causes of Slow Mobile Internet

In addition to some of the factors we mentioned earlier there are many things that can cause mobile Internet to run at slower speeds.  First, the speed of your Internet connection can be affected by your location.  A wireless connection is affected by the distance you are away from the transmitter and whether you are accessing the Internet on your mobile phone indoors or outside.

You will receive the best signal and highest Internet speed when you are in direct line with the transmission tower.  Any objects such as walls, buildings, and other people using the connection, other wireless devices, and the amount of coverage in your area can affect the speed of your mobile Internet connection.

If you are not getting the mobile Internet connection that was promised by your broadband provider there are a few steps you can take to try and boost a mobile Internet connection.

Ways to Boost Mobile Internet

Since there are so many factors that can cause a mobile Internet connection to slow down we will provide you with a few fixes here to get you started in the right direction.  The solutions we provide here are general fixes that you can try before seeking specific troubleshooting from your particular mobile Internet provider.

Solution #1 – Test Your Connection

Make sure the current location where you are is within range of 3G or 4G coverage by your mobile Internet provider.  If you know you are within range then proceed to the following:

  • Deactivate the Mobile Hotspot:  Turn off the mobile hotspot connection on your device and then shut off your device.  Turn on your device again and then re-activate the mobile hotspot.
  • Open Your Browser:  Open your browser and try to access a web page.  Take note of how many bars are appearing to check the status of the strength of your connection.  Move around to different locations to see where you can get the best signal and to test different browsing speeds.
  • Connect with a Different Device:  If the connection still performs slowly try connecting to the mobile broadband service with a different mobile device.  This will tell you whether or not the problem is with your device or the mobile Internet carrier.

Solution #2 – Consider Your Modem

  • Double Check for Maximum Speed:  Contact your mobile Internet provider to see what the maximum speed is that you can achieve with their connection.  If the maximum speed is significantly higher than that of your modem capability, the problem could be with the modem you have installed.
  • Check Your Modem:  Modems that are designed for high speed mobile broadband connections are designed for a variety of different speeds.  If you have a modem that is designed to handle lower Internet speeds it will be difficult for you to boost the Internet connection to achieve a higher rate of data transfer.  In this case, it may be necessary to replace your current modem with one that is capable of achieving the maximum speed designated by your mobile Internet carrier.

Solution #3 – Access Mobile Internet at a Different Time

  • Use Your Mobile Device at a Different Time:  Although this solution does not contain actual steps you can take to boost a mobile Internet connection, it needs to be mentioned so you remember to consider this option.  Like other types of Internet connections there are peak times of the day and other times when not as many people are trying to access the service.

If your mobile Internet connection is really slow it may be due to a busy period of time on the mobile network.  This is because there are many different users trying to share the same Internet connection.  Switching the time of day you access your mobile Internet connection may alleviate this frustration.  Test it out by trying in the early morning hours and periodically throughout the course of the day.  This will tell you if the slow connection is traffic related.

These are a few solutions you can try to boost your mobile Internet connection.  It is also wise to check with your carrier to make sure you understand where the coverage areas are as well as the nearest transmission towers where you receive your signal.  Hopefully this information will help you to get started on the right path to solving issues with a slow mobile Internet connection.

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  1. Solution no 3 explain generally, browsing in a pick hours is a mess of time and money. Some Telecommunication Company used Bandwidth Manager to control the flow of speed to the subscribers. Most site like Youtube and Downloading Sites are added to this Manager in order to control the speed.

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