Mint Mobile SIM Activation Past 45 Days

mint mobile past 45 days
mint mobile past 45 days

Wireless connections have become an absolute necessity and Mint Mobile has some amazing plans. Mint Mobile is all about providing easy network services to the users. They provide seven days money-back guarantee for their plans. For instance, if you are not satisfied with the plan, you can cancel the plan and get a full refund (except the S&H).

However, you will need to submit the form (available on the Mint Mobile official website). Once you’ve filled out the form, hang in there because you will soon receive the confirmation email. As far as the refunds are concerned, they are cleared in around ten working days. In the same vein, Mint Mobile launched the Super Bowl 2020 Plan.

With this new plan, users can get free service for three months. However, the service is available for new customers only. With the free plan, the new customers will get unlimited call minutes and text messages, along with the mobile hotspot, three-in-one SIM card kit, and 3GB of data. Even more, you get Wi-Fi texts and calling.

To sign for this promotion, you need to pay a $0.01 verification fee, just to check that your credit card is in working. But again, this verification fee is refunded within seven working days. Then comes the 45 days rule where users need to activate the SIM card. However, once the free resources are consumed, you will need to sign up for three, six, or twelve-month bundles (if you intend to use the Mint Mobile).


So, Mint Mobile asks you to activate the SIM card within 45 days of purchase. However, it will take around eight hours to complete the activation process. The outlined time is 24 hours, so you will need to check the SIM card status regularly after applying for activation. Also, once the activation is complete, you will receive an update message from Mint Mobile. If you want to activate the SIM card, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Check with your previous wireless service provider for the account number, password, and zip code
  • Open the official Mint Mobile website
  • Tap on the “activate” option available at the top-right corner
  • A field will pop up, so enter the activation code (it is available on the back of SIM card)
  • Hit the enter button, and activation will be in the process

Mint Mobile SIM Activation Past 45 Days

First of all, there is no expiration date for the SIM cards, but there are chances that you will need the SIM swap. However, if you forgot about activation, you can check with Mint Mobile customer support, and if you are in luck, you will get an extension. This clearly depends on luck, but you can use third-party apps as well.

For instance, you can use the JIK app or official Mint Mobile app to activate the SIM card, and it will work. People have been able to activate the SIM cards that are 120 days old, so it is better to give it a try. Last but not least, you can try activating the SIM card with a 20-digit act code if the activation code isn’t working for you!

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