MoFi Carrier Aggregation Not Assigned: Explained

mofi carrier aggregation not assigned
mofi carrier aggregation not assigned

MoFi Carrier Aggregation Not Assigned

The demand for wireless communication is on the rise, and people are constantly investing in such services for robust internet connection. Similarly, MoFi comes up with this new line, such as the 4500 line, because it has been integrated with the cellular network signals. These carriers are designed to optimize the local ethernet network and Wi-Fi network.

In addition, it is designed to offer tethering support, and users can even use the modems to access the network connection and signals. Even more, it provides tethering (via USB) to the Android mobile phone, making it the first company to offer smartphone tethering. To be honest, users can easily wipe off additional equipment and use the MoFi box for better cellular networks.

This is the small shell that has become the central hub of optimizing the connections. Consequently, it has become the ultimate option for people who need feature-rich connectivity through multiple mediums. This MoFi carrier has undergone multiple updates people are not happy with the last year’s update. That’s to say because consumers had to choose between T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.

This clearly means that users simply couldn’t change the network by swapping the SIM cards. So, there was intense rage about it, especially when MoFi didn’t ship the carrier with Verizon compatibility. Consequently, given the updates, the carrier now supports multiple LTE bands, inclusive of Sprint, Verizon, AT&T Primary, and future, along with short-range bands.

On top of everything, the MoFi carrier will support the B1, B7, B3, B20, and B8 bands because the raw band support has been launched. According to MoFi, everyone who needs to use AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telus, Bell, Sprint, and Rogers with this carrier. On the other hand, there hasn’t been any authorization from MoFi about Sprint, so it is better to call up the customer support for better insights.

Carrier Aggregation

MoFi has a specialized SIM4, which is integrated with carrier aggregation support. This is the advanced technology standardized recently for LE bands through which devices can comply with different LTE bands. In the same vein, if the tower has been updated, there will be no hindrance in network connections. Topping it all, the internet data speed may increase to 300Mbps as well.

Carrier aggregation is one of the most advanced technologies out there. Similarly, it is the future-proof choice and has cross-compatibility for verified and authorized network carriers. However, some MoFi users are struggling with “carrier aggregation not assigned” error. This issue is usually caused when users lock a certain band, which disables the carrier aggregation ability.

In that case, it is better to create the bands 4 and bands 13 combinations for enabling the carrier aggregation. In addition, it is advised that you manually set the group of bands through the connection manager part of the modem. Even more, if you lock solely to the band 4, the RSQR reading value will be -14.3 (this is an unacceptable threshold). So, be considerate about the right combination of bands.

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