6 Ways To Fix Suddenlink VOD Not Working

suddenlink vod not working
suddenlink vod not working

For everyone interested in entertainment, Suddenlink has got the users covered with the VOD with which they offer on-demand programs. With VOD, they offer on-demand programming from NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS. For this reason, Suddenlink VOD not working can be pretty frustrating. So, let’s check out the troubleshooting methods!

How To Fix Suddenlink VOD Not Working?

1. Reboot

First of all, you should try to reboot the Suddenlink cable box. For this purpose, just remove the power cable from the power wall. Wait for at least five minutes before you plug in the power cable again. Keep in mind that rebooting will help resolve software configuration issues that might be causing the VOD issues.

2. Cable Box

While using the cable box by Suddenlink for accessing the on-demand programs, the cables must be working optimally. You must be using the coax cables, so unscrew the coaxial cables from the back and wait for ten minutes. After ten minutes, screw in the coaxial cable. Also, the cables must be free from physical damages and there must be no continuity issues.

3. Reset

In case tweaking the cables and rebooting the cable box didn’t work, you could try resetting the cable box. For resetting, remove the cables from the wall outlet but keep them connected to the box. Then, plug in the power cable again and switch on the TV. Further, press the channel buttons to ensure the cable box is properly reset.

Secondly, you could try pressing the menu button on the Suddenlink remote and move to the account overview. Then, hit the equipment option and click on reset data. Once you hit the reset data option, the system will be reset and the VOD issue will be resolved.

4. Billing

If nothing seems to resolve the VOD issue with Suddenlink, there are chances of billing issues. This is because if you don’t pay the bills on time, it will lead to accessibility issues. With this being said, call Suddenlink and have them look for the outstanding dues. Once you clear the dues, you will be able to access VOD.

5. Ports

When it comes down to the Suddenlink cable box, one must ensure that all the ports are working fine. That’s to say because these ports are responsible for connecting the cables to the cable box, so they must be working alright if you want the cable box to work. You can get the ports checked by the electrician because they have tools to check the continuity of the ports.

6. Outage

The VOD might malfunction because Suddenlink servers are down or there is a service outage. For this reason, you can check Twitter since they often post updates there. In addition, you can call customer support to ask for a service outage. If there is a service outage, you must wait while their technical team tries to fix the error.

In the end, if you are unable to resolve the VOD issue with Suddenlink, there are chances of hardware issues with the cable box. So, call Suddenlink customer support and they will send the technician for fixing the VOD.

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