5 Ways To Fix Suddenlink Modem Not Working

suddenlink modem not working
suddenlink modem not working

The internet has become an absolute necessity these days, and modems need to be in good shape to offer better performance rates. On the other hand, if your Suddenlink modem not working, it’s nothing to worry about. We have added the troubleshooting steps in this article, so you can get consistent internet service. All the steps are elaborated so that you know which steps to take. Let’s get that modem working right away!

Troubleshoot Suddenlink Modem Not Working

1. Network Reset

First of all, you need to reset the network by taking out the power cord of the modem. In addition, you can unplug the power cords of the router. Even more, you need to plug out all the power cords associated with the Suddenlink network. Once all the plugs are out, let them rest for 30 seconds and plug in the power cords back again.

This will lead to a complete reboot. This is the basic resetting that tends to fix the minor network glitches, such as modem connectivity, modem’s incapability to work, and slow internet.

2. Coaxial Cables

In this case, you need to unscrew all the coaxial cables that are attached to the cable outlet on the wall that connects to the Suddenlink modem. In addition, you need to check the middle of the cable and see if the needle is bent or damaged. If there are no damages, screw in the coaxial cable back inside the input and reset the mode. This will streamline the electricity buildups and connectivity issues. Also, the damaged coaxial cables will interfere with the ineffective modem functionality.

3. Ethernet Cables

If the Suddenlink modem isn’t working at its peak capability, you need to unplug the ethernet cables that are connecting to the router or other networking devices. Then, try plugging in the ethernet cable directly into the ethernet port of your computer. In this vein, just reset the modem after setting the ethernet cable, known as bypassing. This router bypassing will fix the network issues, but if the bypassing doesn’t work, you should call Suddenlink technical support.

4. Modem & Adapters

If the Suddenlink internet isn’t working and you aren’t able to fix the issues with cable reset, the adapters and modems might be at fault. In this case, you should try replacing the modem and Wi-Fi adapter. It is better to start with a Wi-Fi adapter, but if it doesn’t fix the issue, replace the modem, and it will obviously work.

5. Higher Traffic

Before you blame the Suddenlink modem and say that it’s not working, there are high chances that too many devices are connected. Excessive device connections will congest the network. According to the experts, Suddenlink modems work at their peak capability when three devices are connected. So, more than three connected devices will lead to the modem’s ineffective performance.

The Bottom Line

Suddenlink modems are usually considered the top modems out there. In the majority of cases, when the Suddenlink modem isn’t working, we are pretty sure that the troubleshooting methods will fix the issue and offer fast-performing internet!

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  1. You are supposed to have a lineman out here today to fix a bad box on the pole because it has been almost a month since we have had internet. WHERE ARE THEY???????? 12/19/2020

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