6 Ways To Fix Cox Remote Picture-In-Picture Not Working

cox remote picture in picture not working
cox remote picture in picture not working

Cox is one of the most preferred choices for everyone who needs entertainment and channels of their choice. Cox has also designed the cable box which comes with the remote for better control. On the contrary, Cox remote picture-in-picture not working issue can be frustrating for people who like to watch two programs at once. For this purpose, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods that will resolve this issue!

How To Fix Cox Remote Picture-In-Picture Not Working?

1. Channel

When it comes down to the picture-in-picture feature on Cox, keep in mind that it works with on-demand channels only. With this being said, you need to switch to the on-demand channel and try the picture-in-picture feature. If the on-demand channel works properly with this feature, you have nothing to be worried about. However, if it doesn’t work, move on to the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods!

2. Enable The Feature

In case you are unable to use the picture-in-picture feature, it might be because you have not enabled the feature at all. So, use the left button on the bottom of the Cox remote and it will open the new window. From this window, toggle the on and off button and switch it on.

3. Support

If you have already enabled the picture-in-picture feature and it’s still not working, it might be because your TV doesn’t support the feature. It’s better to check the availability of support through the TV manual. If your TV manual has the PiP section, the feature is available. On the other hand, if you don’t have the manual, you can search the details by entering the model number of the TV.

4. Tuner

While you are using the picture-in-picture feature on the TV with Cox, you need to check if there is a single tuner or a double tuner. In case the TV has a double tuner picture-in-picture, you will be able to select the second channel without any additional settings or hardware. On the other hand, if your TV has a single tuner, you will have to add a USB stick or cable box for picture-in-picture to work.

5. Secondary Source

In case your TV has a single tuner picture-in-picture, you will need to add the additional or secondary source for making it work. Once you add the additional source, it will help play the media. For instance, if you have a USB drive with video storage, you can use it as a secondary source. In case you don’t have the USB available, you could try using the DVR and streaming boxes.

6. Call Customer Support

If you haven’t been able to resolve the picture-in-picture feature with Cox, there are chances that something is not fine at the backend. With this being said, you must call Cox customer support and tell them the issue that you are having. Once you elaborate on the issue with them, they will be able to provide better assistance. In some cases, they might troubleshoot your remote or program from their end, hence a reliable outcome.

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