Optimum Port Forwarding Not Working: 3 Fixes

optimum port forwarding not working
optimum port forwarding not working

Optimum is one of the most major ISPs in the US and their services are simply outstanding. Optimum is known for their stable internet connections, no cap or metering on their internet speeds and to top it all, they are one of the mot internet service providers in the US.

The best part is that they are offering a wide range of services including telephone, Cable TV and more under a single subscription, allowing you to have the best edge of their services. Some value-added services such as port forwarding can also be enabled on their network and if it is not working out for you due to some reason, here is how you can fix it up.

Optimum Port Forwarding Not Working

1) Set it up correctly

First things first and you should never try out anything that you don’t feel confident about. Port forwarding contains settings that include things that can mess up the working of your network in the longer run and cause you to have some issues. If you feel confident and you have setup the port forwarding on your modem that was provided to you by Optimum yourself, then there is not much left to be worried about and you just have to double check the settings.

Make sure that you are opening the right ports that are going to be used for port forwarding and that will help you out in making it work perfectly. The IP Addresses need to be accurate as well, and just double check on them to ensure that they are working fine and that you have not made any typo that can possibly cause you to face this error.

2) Check your account

The second thing that you should be checking on is the account details and you need to ensure that your account is fine and working in the perfect order for you to use the port forwarding. Additionally, some ISPs have also blocked the port forwarding on account and that can also cause you to have certain issues on your account.

This way, you will be able to make it work out perfectly once you have confirmed that not only your account with Optimum is working in the right order, but also ensuring that you are able to use the port forwarding on it as well, by confirming that it is enabled on your account in the right manner.

3) Get help

If you are unable to make it work on your own, and you have exhausted all the efforts that you could possibly make. Then you should be contacting support department and ask them to help you fix the problem. They will be able to diagnose the whole setup in an efficient manner and figure out what might be going wrong.

Additionally, they will also be able to fix it up for you and you will never have to face any sorts of problems with the Port forwarding. For your own safety, it is advised to not try out any third party software for the purpose, as they can cause you to have possible privacy breach.

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