Does Sprint Use Verizon Towers? (Answered)

Does Sprint Use Verizon Towers
Does Sprint Use Verizon Towers

You must be quite familiar with the four biggest network providers of the United States. These are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and SPRINT respectively. Not to flex or anything but AT&T is obviously the largest one out of them all and Verizon comes on the second which is why we have been asked by many people a common question that Does Sprint use Verizon towers?

Well, it’s not that simple like a YES or NO but we’ll try to give a rather satisfactory answer to your question along with little backstage details. Read on to know more about the coverage and network towers being used by Sprint.

Does Sprint Use Verizon Towers?

What Towers Do Sprint Use?

Sprint provides great coverage in the United States not as much as Verizon’s coverage. Yet the customers are very happy with the services of Sprint. As for the towers, Sprint doesn’t own all of the network towers which serves as the network carriers or networking pillars for their services. But that doesn’t mean these towers belong to AT&T. The networking towers that are being used by Sprint are not like some owned property but rather like a rented house or a hotel room. These are called Shared Network Towers.

Shared Network Tower System

The company then uses a set of shared network tower systems, it doesn’t get to own it but it pays off for it in the form of rent. Just like you pay rent for a fancy hotel suite, similarly, the network company of Sprint has also rented the towers of various network carriers. There are several different Carriers who offer their towers up for rented leases to be used by whoever wants them. Not only Sprint but all the network providing companies use shared towers to provide their customers with better networking coverage and uninterrupted connection services.

Coverage Offered By Sprint

When it comes down to the coverage offered by the network carriers, one is clearly way better than the other. Obviously, Verizon being the better provider is capable of giving their customers with services more than double of what Sprint has to offer in terms of coverage.

However, Sprint offers a series of pretty affordable services with its internet and network plans. It proves to be a well-working network carrier with cheap prices for its limited as well as unlimited internet data plans. Some people might complain about their coverage being seriously spotty but considering the pricey when compared to others, Sprint services and their charges make a lot of sense altogether. You can also check their coverage map to make sure if Sprint covers your local area, particularly in a solid way.

All in all, Sprint is great for you if you’re looking for well-working Telecom network services which can be easily affordable within your monthly budget plan.


To answer your question shortly that “Does Sprint use Verizon towers”, so it doesn’t use their towers but they both share the same server network to provide better coverage for the sake of their customers.

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