4 Solutions To Starz Audio Not Working

starz audio not working
starz audio not working

With all of these streaming platforms available around the world, users are in a race to find the best solution for all of their streaming needs. Popular streaming services include Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Netflix, among others.

However, all of these services are available online and require a high-speed internet connection to stream shows. Even though their content library and variety of shows have earned them a high ranking, what should you do if you want to watch content on the go?

Or maybe in an area where you don’t have stable internet connections. Well, the Starz app is one option for your streaming needs. With its ability to download content and watch it offline at an affordable price plan, this app is unrivaled.

Fixing Starz Audio Not Working:

Starz is a popular app among users, and its ability to watch content from anywhere at any time is increasing its popularity.

Whether it’s a documentary, a popular series, or your favorite TV show, you’ll have it all in one click and can watch it whenever you want.

However, from a more realistic perspective, each application encounters its own set of problems. No application, it appears, can be built perfectly because they operate over the internet, making them highly unpredictable to certain factors.

When it comes to Starz, we’ve seen users complain about audio issues on multiple forums.

Having said that, this is a problem that most streaming services face, so don’t get too worked up about it; instead, some simple troubleshooting steps may save you the trouble.

As a result, we created this article to discuss some common solutions to Starz audio not working.

  1. Check For Updates:

Pending updates have the potential to degrade the performance of your app. If your device is set to automatic updates, a bad internet connection or sudden network disconnection may cause your app to not update to a newer version.


As a result, checking for updates is critical because you cannot always rely on automatic updates. Furthermore, software updates are intended to address app-related issues that are fixed in the newer version, such as audio, video, or streaming issues.

So check for updates and, if available, allow your device to update the Starz app.

  1. Bad Internet Connection:

Assume you want to download a video that works fine when you watch its trailer, but when you download it and watch it, the audio is disrupted or lagging. The main cause of this issue is an unstable internet connection.

If your network is unstable and does not provide enough MBs, the simultaneous download of video and audio may lag. Given that either the video or your audio will be interrupted.

So the next step is to test the strength of your internet connection. Run a speed test, restart the router, or reconnect your device to the internet until you have enough signals and faster speeds.

  1. Reinstall The App:

Another excellent workaround is to simply reinstall the app on your device. A bad piece of software or a temporary glitch can sometimes cause audio issues with your content.

Reset the Phone’s Settings

A reinstall will also resolve the issue if your app has not yet installed the most recent version. In that regard, when you download the Starz app from the store, it automatically downloads the most recent version for your device.

So, go to your device’s Settings and select any option that says Apps or Installed apps, depending on the model of your device. Uninstall the app and ensure that any junk files and app cache are removed from the system.

Now go to your device’s application store and install the Starz app. for many users this solution was the most helpful to solve audio-related issues.

  1. Check For Starz Outages And Maintenance Routines:

If none of the preceding steps have resolved your problem, it may be a backend error that the company is attempting to resolve. Such errors occur when the app is being serviced or when the server is currently unavailable.

Open a web browser and navigate to the official Starz website. Check to see if any outages or maintenance work is currently underway.

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