Avast Firewall Is Blocking My Internet Connection: 4 Fixes

avast firewall is blocking my internet connection
avast firewall is blocking my internet connection

The use of the internet and computers have increased over the last few years. For the same reason, people tend to use Avast firewalls to improve the protection standards and secure the systems from security breaches.

That being said, Avast users often complain about “Avast firewall is blocking my internet connection.” If you have the same issue going on, there are various solutions that you can try!

Avast Firewall Is Blocking My Internet Connection

1) Update Avast

Avast is an antivirus app and it can develop a firewall to protect the devices from hacks and security breaches. However, when it starts interfering with the internet connection, there are chances that Avast isn’t updated to the latest version. In this section, we are sharing how you can update the Avast app on your Windows system;

  • Open the Avast app on your computer and open settings from the menu
  • Check on the left side and scroll down to the update button from the general tab
  • Tap on the “check for updates” button, and if the update is available, tap on the update button

If you are unable to update Avast through this method, you can follow the second update method from the section below;

  • Right-click on the Avast app icon from the taskbar
  • Scroll down to the update option and right-click on it
  • Then, choose the “program” button and tap on “check for updates”
  • If it’s available, the update button will appear, so tap on it

2) HTTPS Scanning & Webshield

If there are no updates available for Avast, you can try disabling HTTPS scanning and Webshield to resolve the internet connection. This is because some protection protocols of Avast can block the internet connection. In the following section, we are sharing instructions for disabling these two settings;

  • Open the Avast app on the computer and open the dashboard
  • Open the settings from the menu tab and tap on the “core shields”
  • Click on the “configure shield settings” and scroll down to Webshield
  • Now, uncheck the Webshield and “enable HTTPS scanning”
  • Save the settings and you will have seamless access to the internet connection

3) Except The URLS

When Avast firewall starts blocking the website and the internet connection doesn’t work, you should except the specific URL from the blacklist to ensure better access. There is a whitelist offered with Avast. In addition, the users can enter apps, URLs, and file paths into the list and exclude them from scanning. If you don’t know how to except these URLs, follow the below-mentioned instructions;

  • Open the Avast dashboard from the app and open settings
  • Tap on the exceptions and click on the “add exception” option
  • As a result, a new window will appear and you can enter the website’s URL
  • Hit the enter button and you will be able to use the website or app again (without any issue, of course)

4) Switch It Off

If the troubleshooting methods from this article don’t fix the internet connection, you can switch off the Avast app or protection to streamline the internet connection. When Avast is disabled, you will be able to access the blocked websites and internet connectivity will improve.

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