7 Fixes For Starz App Not Working On Android iPhone

starz app not working on android iphone
starz app not working on android iphone

Starz is one of the most popular TV channels out there – it’s owned and operated by Lions Gate Entertainment.

This channel is pretty common in American households, and a monthly subscription promises a great range of movies and TV shows.

Starz is available for the web, or you can download an app which works on smart TVs as well as smartphones, including Android and iPhone.

However, many people have complained about the Starz app not working on Android iPhone, and if you’ve the same issue, we are sharing some solutions with you!

Fixing Starz App Not Working On Android iPhone:

  1. Check The Account Details

If the app is installed on the smartphone, but you are unable to stream content, it’s likely that your Starz account has some issues.

Issues with your Account Settings

There are chances that the subscription has expired or the payment method you are using has been blocked.

To resolve this issue, we recommend that you sign in to the Starz account on a laptop or computer and check if your dues have been cleared. In case the dues aren’t cleared, try using another payment method.

  1. Update The App

If the subscription is fine and the dues are cleared, the next solution is to update the smartphone app. That’s because an outdated app fails to work properly or won’t open at all.

The outdated apps tend to have bugs, which negatively impact the streaming experience. The solution is to open the app store on your smartphone and search for Starz.

If an update is available, you will see an “update” butt with the app, so just upgrade the app. Once the app has been updated, you might have to enter the subscription credentials again.

  1. Software Updates

If the Starz app is already updated, it’s likely that the smartphone’s software is outdated. An outdated device software will fail to support the Starz app.

Make Sure The Firmware Is Updated

To upgrade the device software, you’ve to open the software update section on the smartphone and look for the software updates.

It is important because Starz needs the latest operating system version to operate properly. So, if a software upgrade is available, download and install it on the smartphone.

  1. Delete & Re-Install The App

In case updating the app or device’s operating system hasn’t worked, we recommend that you delete the Starz app from your device.

Deleting the app will delete its corrupted data as well (corrupt data can interfere with the functionality of the app). Once the app is deleted, reboot your smartphone.

When the smartphone turns on again, open the app store, search for Starz, and download it again. Then, just use your account credentials to sign in and start streaming.

Delete And Install the Application Again

  1. Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

Starz app needs the internet to work properly. First of all, you’ve to ensure that the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi. If it’s not connected, re-add the wireless network from settings and try using the app.

If reconnecting to the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, it’s likely that the internet is too slow to support streaming. Make sure the internet speed is at least 5Mbps – if it’s slower, call ISP to upgrade the internet speed.

On the other hand, if you are already getting reliable internet speed, you should reboot the router to fix potential issues in the network connection.

  1. Fix The Location Issues

It’s common for people to use VPN to access the geo-restricted content on the Starz app. However, it changes the location settings, which can interfere with the app’s performance.

High Accuracy Location

For this reason, you’ve to ensure that the location on the smartphone is properly set. You can change the location settings from the “location” tab in settings.

If the location is different from your real location, you can change the location manually. On the other hand, if you want to use the VPN, it’s recommended that you purchase a paid VPN subscription.

  1. Reset The Device

If no solutions are working and you are still unable to use the Starz app, we recommend that you reset the smartphone.

Ideally, you should try rebooting the device (turning it off for a few minutes and turning it on) because it can resolve minor glitches.

However, if a reboot doesn’t work, you can reset the smartphone but make sure you create a backup of data because a device reset deletes everything on the smartphone!

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