6 Approaches To Fixing Starz App Not Working On Samsung TV

starz app not working on samsung tv
starz app not working on samsung tv

The word that comes to mind when discussing streaming services is ‘revolution.’ And by this, we mean the recent changes that have shifted the entire discussion to only what the user wants to see rather than what the user can see.

Previously, you would pay for a service that would only provide you with a maximum of 100 channels of boring TV shows and movies. However, with popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others, you can now watch your favorite content whenever and wherever you want.

When it comes to Starz, this app has its fan base. It has emerged as a great alternative to those top-tier expensive streaming applications due to the variety of content and flexibility.

However, it, like any other streaming app, has its own set of issues. These are frequently associated with connection issues, buffering, and, on occasion, performance issues.

Fixing Starz App Not Working On Samsung TV:

The Starz app is compatible with the most recent streaming devices, ranging from smartphones to streaming boxes, but it can be difficult to use if certain factors are overlooked.

Speaking of which, while these issues are unpredictable, they are, to some extent, preventable.

It also depends on the device you’re using to access the Starz app, as some devices are prone to minor glitches in functionality.

That being said, smart televisions have been found to have more issues than other devices, so that is what we will be discussing today.

In this regard, we have compiled this article to guide you through if your Starz app is not working on your Samsung TV, as well as provide you with some effective yet simple troubleshooting techniques for your problem.

  1. Account-Related Issues:

Problems with account details are the most common issues that your Samsung TV may encounter. Because there may be ambiguities with your Starz account information, you are unable to watch or stream anything on the app.

Issues with your Account Settings

Subscription and billing issues, for example, could be causing your app to malfunction. Check to see if your Starz subscription is still active. You will be unable to watch any shows if your subscription is not renewed.

In another case, it could be a problem with the billing method. If Starz has blocked your billing method, you may have difficulty renewing or transacting finances for your account. So make certain there are no issues there.

  1. Update Samsung TV:

This is probably one of the most common solutions to such problems, but it can help in both optimizing and disrupting the performance of any application.

Compatibility issues may arise if your TV’s software is not updated to the most recent version. Because update patches are released to solve issues and optimize performance, it is a good idea to check and upgrade your device regularly.

manually update your firmware

Also, even if your TV is updated to the latest version, an outdated Starz app can cause performance issues, so make sure both the device and the Starz app are up to date.

  1. Internet Connection:

Another common complaint from users is that the app does not respond to streaming requests. Those who claim this problem should be aware that a poor internet connection is a major cause of reduced functionality.

The Starz app will struggle to stream content consistently if your internet connection is slow or incoherent. Examine the strength and number of megabytes provided by your network.

Check the cable connections to ensure that everything is in working order. You can also disconnect and reconnect your connected device if the Starz app is not working properly.

If your device is not receiving signals from your router or is not delivering good signals to your smart TV, as determined by the speed test, the issue is not with the app but with your internet connection.

  1. Use A VPV:

VPNs Might Be Stopping Your Acces

If your screen goes black when you try to watch certain content, it is most likely due to a geo-restricted issue. It’s possible that the content you’re attempting to access isn’t available in your region.

This is why your videos take so long to load and play. However, there is a simple solution to this problem. That is the use of a VPN. But first, try changing the content you’re watching to another show and seeing if it’s playing.

If it does, the problem is limited to that particular piece of content. It’s best to look into the originality of the series, TV show, or movie and see if you can use a free VPN from that region.

On your smartphones, PCs, and smart TVs, try connecting to a VPN and see if it resolves your issue. Which in most cases did for different users as per the statistics.

  1. Power Cycle The TV:

When your television is working for an extended period, it may exhibit erratic behavior. A restart saves you a lot of troubleshooting time because it literally refreshes the device’s memory and gets it back up and running quickly.

Give The Box A Restart

So, if the Starz app isn’t working on your Samsung TV. Disconnect it from the power source for about a minute before reconnecting it to the power source. The app’s performance and functionality will significantly improve.

  1. Re-Login To The App:

When you try to run a website after several minutes of inactivity, the app may experience a “timeout” situation similar to that of a website.

Then you must refresh it until it connects to the server and the request is completed. The same is true for streaming applications. However, you will need to re-login to the app for it to refresh and complete your requests.

This can also help with streaming, buffering, and black screen issues that Starz frequently encounters. Simply go to your account profile and sign out of the account.

Relaunch the app by reselecting it on your TV. Provide your credentials and begin steaming any show. There will be a noticeable improvement in the app’s performance.

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